15 October 2013

Outfit | Styled by Paige Joanna #1

It's always nice have a bloggy friend near you. Paige and I decided to take advantage of this and we've decided to do a monthly post where we style each other. Basically we rummage in each others wardrobes and pic out a couple of outfits. This was our first attempt and I think it's safe to say it was a success! It's also a great way to revamp some old clothes you haven't worn in a while - a different perspective is always helpful! So let's take a peek at the results...

jumper: h&m | shirt: new look | leggings: topshop | shoes: new look | necklace: new look
I've never really thought about popping a shirt under this jumper before, but it does work really really well. I love this jumper because it is so so comfy, but the leggings toughen it up - gotta love some pleather!

Paige's Thoughts... 
I really wanted to create a look with layers for a versatile Autumn outfit. I loved the floral and printed selection blouses Lisa has and wanted to style one in a more edgy way. I remembered Lisa wearing these pleather leggings to the meet up where I met her and really liked them. They make a great basic item and go with everything. In ther jumper and knitwear section this blue really stood out and against the floral pattern of the blouse looked really sweat together. I think it doesnt matter hiiding a print under a jumper as long as there is a section of it showing for detail. The heeled ankle books were a finishing touch to dress up the outfit and bring it from casual to smart.

dress: topshop | shirt: river island | cardigan: french connection | necklace: superdrug | hat: accessorize
I would never have thought of putting this shirt under the dress, but Paige has popped the two together really well. I love this hat as well, I really don't wear it enough so have now vowed to love hats forever more..! Thanks for that!

Paige's Thoughts... 
This casual look really shows off what I love about styling, and that's layering quirky things together. I loved the shape of the nude dress and wanted to make it stand out a bit more without the use of too much accessories. To make it warmer for the current season I loved the pale blue polka dot blouse under it to have collar detail and add a girly touch to the look. The black cardie has really sweet bobble ties and I think it worked nicely in tying the black boots and tights to the overall outfit. This was my favourite in the end because it is something a bit different but Lisa pulled off so well.

To take a look at how I styled Paige pop over and see her full post here. Let us know what you think - we'd love to hear your feedback and also let us know if you have any requests for themes!



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