29 March 2019

LIFE | Welcome to April Madness

So it's April on Monday, which means one thing ... Hello April Madness. What is April Madness? So, it's me being a loon and deciding to do a heap tonne of videos and posts throughout the month of April. Why, why you ask? If you even asked... Even so, I'll still tell you and explain what we're doing...
So, it's been a little while since I've even really done a blog post, and it's mainly because life is just being life. I've been doing videos, and it was about all I could handle at that moment with everything else going on. But, I have really missed writing and I feel so inspired to create lots of different content across both channels, as well as my social media (especially Instagram) that I just want to let it all go and experiment in April. Once that's done, I can then come up with a proper schedule and create content that not only I love, but you guys love it too.
So what can you expect from April madness?
I am going to be doing 5 videos a week, Monday to Friday. See - I'm insane. I've done a lot of prep already and filmed and edited a few, but I'm basically spending my lunch breaks at work and weekends filming and editing. Thankfully - I love it. Usually I focus on beauty on my channel, but there's going to be vlogs, style videos, food videos and so on. I'm so excited to try different types of video - especially style ones - and I can't wait to get your feedback and see how you respond to it as well. Video's will be going live at lunch time each day!
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I feel like my little blog has been somewhat neglected over the past year, but it was where I started and writing is what I love to do. So, we're bringing it back. And we're going 5 blogs a week, Monday - Friday as well. Told you - MADNESS. Again, we're going to be doing lots of different topics as I've always done on here and we'll be doing some more personal posts as well around PCOS, friendships and so on, so I'm excited. I'm also quite excited to get back into taking photos for the blog, I always feel like they're never good enough - but I need to remember this is for fun. Not to get stressed! Blog posts will be going live in the evenings.
I love Instagram, it's where I spend most of my time on my phone and I love taking photos. But - I want to do more stuff on stories, and be a bit more regular with my photos as well. Sharing more of my beauty looks, outfits and such. So - I will be more regular with posting on there too, which will be good! I don't have a specific schedule, but definitely go and follow me on there if you don't already as I will be sharing behind the scenes photos and such from filming and blogging etc.
And then... at the end of April Madness I'll be doing a giveaway to say thank you for all the support over the month - so stayed tuned and make sure you subscribe on YT and follow me on Instagram to be able to enter!
And there we go! Are you excited? I'm scared, and excited. Let me know if there's anything specific you want to see on any of the channels, and I'll work them into April madness.
Thanks for all
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