30 September 2015

The Favourites | Bath Time Buddies

I really have been enjoying baths lately. Since I've moved into my own home I try to have one once a week as I find it's really relaxing, and just really rejuvinating. Sunday nights are always a good time, just before Monday madness. It wasn't until recently that I noticed I actually use different products for bath time than shower time, and my bath time products have been constant for a long while now.

28 September 2015

The Life | Round Up #1

I know I know, I made this blog a beauty only zone a few weeks ago - and it still is. However, I've missed sharing bits of my life with you... So I thought I'd go back to sharing a bit of a round up Monday mornings of my life the previous week...

26 September 2015

The Haul | Lush Bathbombs

I do love a Lush bath. I do find them really relaxing and I really do look forward to them. Pop a bath bomb in, a little bit of bubbles and stick Netflix on my laptop. Then soak. What more could you want? I realised as I went to have a bath the other day I had run out of bombs, shock horror, which of course meant I had to go and pick up some new ones...

24 September 2015

The Review | Cosmopolitan's Debut Fragrance

Something very exciting came through my door the other day. When I was asked to review a fragrance I was like sure, why not. Then when I found out it was Cosmopolitans debut fragrance I got really quite excited. I do love a good copy of Cosmo, so the idea of epitomising the cosmo woman into a scent? Sounds like a plan to me.


21 September 2015

The Haul | Space NK Mini Spree

Not going to lie, this really was a very mini spree! I had some points to spend on my N.Dulge card so I decided to put them to good use and chose a couple of products I'd never tried before, but really wanted to. Luckily, there was also a deal on at the time as well so I got even more pennies off. It was definitely a meant to be kind of an order.

18 September 2015

The Review | Cocktail Bling

It's been a good while since I've done a proper nail varnish review. I've been very remiss with my nails lately, I've just been a bit too busy really to do much with them. However, I sat myself down the  other day and fell back in love with a specific colour that I think is ideal moving into autumn.

15 September 2015

The Dupe | Benefit Hoola v Topshop Mohawke Bronzer

It's always a good day when I think I've found a dupe. I do love my Benefit Hoola bronzer - so much I've actually hit pan. Which fills me with joy for the fact that I never do this, and also dread because it means I'm close to have to repurchasing - which at £23.50 isn't a cheap re-buy. So when I started using a new bronzer that basically looked identical? Well... 

12 September 2015

The Hack | Using Red Lipstick to Hide Dark Circles

When I saw this hack I was a bit stumped. I've heard of colour correcting, obviously, but I had just never ever thought to put red lipstick under my eyes. Has anyone else? Anyway, this hack seems to be everywhere I look at the moment so I thought I had better give it a good go and report back...
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