18 September 2015

The Review | Cocktail Bling

It's been a good while since I've done a proper nail varnish review. I've been very remiss with my nails lately, I've just been a bit too busy really to do much with them. However, I sat myself down the  other day and fell back in love with a specific colour that I think is ideal moving into autumn.
Essie is probably my favourite (and everyone else's) nail varnish brand. I love the thicker brushes, the formula and the massive range of colours. If I know I need a certain colour for something, I'll go straight to the Essie counter. It was a good few months ago that I bought this one. I was in a Superdrug and saw this and instantly fell in love.

Cocktail Bling is a colour I didn't have before, it's a beautiful pale grey that is pretty much perfect for any seasonal shift. It's especially great for autumn I feel as it has a little bit of lightness left from the summer, but it has that greyness to it that attests to the colder months. It has a lovely glossy finish to it, but without shimmer (which I actually prefer - not a shimmer kinda gal).

As with all Essie products it's very long lasting, really good quality, fast drying and just really easy to apply with the thicker brush. This is quite possible my favourite Essie of all time (BOLD statement).. It's definitely my most used. 

What's your autumn nail colour?


  1. I really really want this nail polish! I've never used anything from Essie before but this colour just looks divine x


    1. It is honestly my absolute favourite - is a must have! Oh you need to try Essie! Pop down to Boots and go nuts haha :)
      Thanks for visiting, Lx


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