15 September 2015

The Dupe | Benefit Hoola v Topshop Mohawke Bronzer

It's always a good day when I think I've found a dupe. I do love my Benefit Hoola bronzer - so much I've actually hit pan. Which fills me with joy for the fact that I never do this, and also dread because it means I'm close to have to repurchasing - which at £23.50 isn't a cheap re-buy. So when I started using a new bronzer that basically looked identical? Well... 
There have been a few bronzers I've tried in the past where I've thought actually - this could be the one, the one really awesome Hoola dupe. However, none so much as this. The Topshop Bronzer in Mohawk looks incredibly chic and simple at first glass, and I love that. I much prefer this black style of packaging to their usual white and black spotty (which gets ridiculously grubby). Mohawk is the darker of the two you can get, but its basically an identical colour to Hoola... Let's delve a little deeper and see how they really stack up against each other...

The thing I love about Hoola is that it's buttery soft, super light and incredibly blendable. It's just one of those products you really enjoy using. Topshop's Mohawk Bronzer isn't quite as soft but it is still incredibly nice to use. It's still quite light and against, easily blendible. My only issue with the Topshop offering is when I use it I do notice a couple of blemishes popping up where I put it... Not ideal and doesn't happen with Hoola...
Winner: Benefit Hoola

Colour & Pigmentation
As I said before, in the pan the colours look pretty identical and when swatched, yup - pretty much identical. Both have a matte finish so ideal for contouring as well as a light dusting to add some colour, and both have quite strong pigmentations. I would say Hoola is a bit more pigmented and a lot easier to look over bronzed than the Topshop offering. I find the Topshop offering actually gives a little bit more of a natural look for contouring than Hoola, and is a lot easier to apply in terms of not overdoing the pigment.
Winner: Topshop Mohawk Bronzer

Both actually last a really good amount of time. They're both still there when I get home so they've both passed the London Commuting Test. I would say Hoola probably looks like it last longer because it's a bit more pigmented, but I don't feel like I have to retouch either of them throughout the day. When I remove my make up when I get home there's still bronzer there to be taken off for both products so really, I can't choose a winner for this category.
Winner: Tie

If you pushed me for a winner I would probably go for Benefit's Hoola, literally just because I find the Topshop offering does break me out (not great). However, if you are looking for a cheaper offering which is pretty much identical, definitely pick up Topshop's Bronzer in Mohawk. Honestly, you'll thank me later. Also, I actually prefer the packaging.... Don't tell anyone!

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