30 September 2015

The Favourites | Bath Time Buddies

I really have been enjoying baths lately. Since I've moved into my own home I try to have one once a week as I find it's really relaxing, and just really rejuvinating. Sunday nights are always a good time, just before Monday madness. It wasn't until recently that I noticed I actually use different products for bath time than shower time, and my bath time products have been constant for a long while now.
For me showers are quick, it's about time, not pampering, so the products I used tend to be quick, everyday, just put it on, wash it off kinda pieces. However, taking a bath is a good time to really nourish parts of yourself that need it, and give yourself a really good pamper. So what do I usually have by the side of my tub?

Firstly there are a couple of necessities not in view. The first of which is a candle, Yankee most likely, and necessary to a good bath. The scent I go for usually depends on what bath bomb I'll use, but at the moment I love Beach Walk as it's refreshing and doesn't clash with too much. Also, as I said a moment ago, a good old bath bomb. I tend to mix up the ones I use, I love a good Lush bomb and if I had to pick one my favourite would probably be Dragon Egg. Lastly, I do usually pop a face mark on, however what face mask really depends on what my skin really needs at that moment in time so this does differ each time.

Now let's talk about what you can see. First up I'd like to draw your attention to the Super Beauty Raspberry and Cranberry Bath and Shower Gel. I actually use this to add more bubbles to my bath as well as as a bath gel. This smells incredible, literally amazing, and it's so incredibly nourishing as well. I really enjoy using this and it's a little thicker than your normal gel so adds a lot more moisture in. Secondly, we have the L'Occitane Shower Oil, a cult product and also a pricey one. I tend to get this when I go to France as it's a lot cheaper there,  but I do find it is worth the price. I used this when I'm shaving, so pop this on, then shave. It's great at adding protection to your skin and prevents rashing. It's also super nourishing, so again adds extra moisture. I just love how this feels though. It warms up when you apply so it super relaxing, and has a subtle almond scent that really just reminds me of being at a spa. The last thing is a shampoo and conditioner combo. When I first started using OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner I really didn't rate it. However, it really comes into its own when I use it in the bath - let me explain. When I was first using it, I was using it in the shower so it was a quick job. In the bath I let both products soak in before rinsing, and this is where it excels. This stuff leaves my hair so nourished, but light and airy, it's an ideal combo for when you need that extra something in your hair. I adore this stuff and the smell is just divine.

What are your favourite bath time buddies?

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