17 February 2017

Odeon Limitless: The perfect couples card

Once upon a time I could go to the cinema, and see the hottest and most raved about new film release for a mere £4.50, oh those were the days. Now I'm luck if it costs me under £15. However, going to see a film is one of my favourite things to do. During the days of Orange Wednesday (EE sure screwed up letting that go) and the student prices, I was there every Wednesday with a group of friends. An excuse to come together, and an excuse to escape. Now, it's a lot harder to do.

My husband and I love films, we watch a lot of them, and watching new films is something we love doing, so going to the cinema is the perfect date night. But when we bought our house and had to pay a mortgage, the ability to go became less and less. Then we did our remortgage, and our monthly payments went down, so we decided to treat ourselves and get the Odeon Limitless cards. Now a heads up - I've not been asked to endorse this is anyway, it's 100% my choice to write about this scheme.

The Limitless cards are £18 each a month, and allow you to see as many films as you want during this time - bar 3D. So essentially, you've already paid it off half way through your second film. We decided to get them as we know we'll use them. As I said, we love films and the cinema is a great date night idea for us. I think it's SUCH a good idea, as if you do want to go out with someone, and you're broke or low on money, it doesn't actually matter, you can still go. There's been a few evenings or afternoons where I've just wanted to get out of the house, and this card has allowed me to do that. As far as I' concerned, the cinema is incredibly overpriced - tickets at £14 each (at least), then a drink and a snack - it get's ridiculous - and it puts you off going. This card has solved that problem for us though, we can pop out, enjoy a nice relaxed evening, escape our day and it not cost us a thing. Unless I buy an ice blast, which is a regular occurance. 

I believe other cinema's do similar schemes and such, but if you love films like us it's definitely worth looking into doing, and it's really helped to restart my love of new films again. 

Much love, Lisa May

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