1 February 2017

Valentines Gift Guide for Her

It’s that time of year again when those in love have hearts floating around their heads, and those singletons hibernate. Oh yeah, V-Day is almost upon us. I absolutely loved doing themed posts leading up to Christmas, so I thought I’d also do a couple leading up to Valentine’s Day. If you are single, apologies, these may not be your favourite posts. You can never please everyone eh?

I thought the best place to start would be a gift guide for her. With only a couple weeks to go, it’s time to get a move on. So what would she love?

If you want a good body gift set, Baylis and Harding really need to be your go to. They're releasing a new limited edition fragrance for Valentines, Pink Prosecco and Cassis. Now I didn't realise prosecco had a scent, but I love the smell of this range. It's very, very fresh but also very feminine. The products in this set are so lovely as well, and as always high quality. You get a shower creme, hand and body lotion, soap, body wash and body polisher. It's such a lovely looking gift set as well, very V-Day and love themed.

You can never go wrong with a bit of jewellery, but if you don't want to get something super swanky than some everyday decorate pieces would go down a treat. I'm a little obsessed with collar type necklaces at the moment, and I love the ones in Accessorize. The one in the pic isn't available anymore, but this is a great alternative. But if you want to spend a little more, and it be a touch more special, head on over to Lola Rose and pick up something cute like the Richmond necklace. 

I do love a Marc Jacobs perfume, and the entire Daisy range is a winner. However, Daisy Dream stands out for me, and is something I would personally love to receive. Each Daisy fragrance is a bit different, so there's guaranteed to be one that suits everyone and each personality. Perfume is always a nice gift, and if it's picked to suit the person, it's a personal one as well.

Little touches are always really nice, and if you can make them full of love then it works even better. Little dishes are cute, and Anthropologie do some beauts. But I absolutely adore this gorgeous enamel fair trade red bowl. You can put bits of jewellery in it, keys, or money, and it's just a little reminder of love. Little decorative bits are always nice, and if you're short on money or you have a budget, then this little Me2You figurine is gorgeous, they will also have loads of Valentines themed ones, so be sure to check them out.  

Oh and there's Fred... He's not actually available to gift someone, but he was just sat there looking ridiculously cute. A kitten would literally be the best Valentines present. Although remember - a pet's not just for V-Day, it's for life! And you can't have Fred... he's mine.

Much love, Lisa May

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