7 February 2017

My Blog Reads: January 2017

Something I've really enjoyed doing in January is immersing myself back into the blogging world, and getting into a really good blog. I feel like bloggers should support and shout about each other, it's such a nurturing community and I love it. It takes a lot to get me to come back over and over again, so I thought I'd share my top three blogs from my January browsing.

I've read Terezas's blog on and off for years, but I have just buried myself in it this January. Tereza is a very proud Czech whose content spans beauty, home, food and my favourite - her blog cheat sheets. If you're new to blogging, or just starting to take it seriously, these are a must. Overall I just really like her writing style, her personality comes through and you're hooked into her posts completely. I'd highly recommend checking her out if you haven't already. She's also been commenting on my posts lately - major fan girl moments when this happens.

Paige literally makes me want to be a fashion blogger - I just need to work on my poses/style and get myself a photographer worthy friend. Anywho, Paige is just plain lovely as a person, but her photos are absolutely stunning as well. Her bright hair paired with her English Rose skin is pure perfection teamed with her cute vintage quirky style. Her DIY posts are awesome as well, and definitely check out her Etsy shop for some beautiful pieces.

An Aussie based blog, it's been a favourite of mine for an incredibly long time. Sarah is an absolute sweetheart, and posts some gorgeous posts. Her current outfit posts make me wish for summer and her beauty posts make me want to buy everything in the entire world. Plus her dog is just insanely cute. She's the flat lay queen and makes me want to produce better content and better photos, it's something to aspire to. And bring around summer already?!

Let me know what blogs you think I should read and discover in February, I'm always up for discovering more fab bloggers!

Much love, Lisa May

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  1. Awh thank you!! That's ever so lovely of you - totally made my week!!❤️​ I used to follow your blog years back and it disappeared - I'm so glad it's back on my radar! I also used to read Paige's blog so re-followed her now. It must be the GFC transfer back in the day that just never worked the way it should have dammit! But hurray for reconnecting!!🤗​

    1. Aww thank you! I know I lost loads of blogs I followed. Always love a bit of reconnection!!


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