6 February 2017

The Best Pink Valentines Lip Products

Red is the colour of love, but pink is the colour of love filled lips. Yes, red lips could be the way to go for Valentines, and if you want my list of the best reds around you can find them here. But for me, rocking a pink lips is great around the love season. It's not as in your face, and it's much more feminine. 

But what shades should you be wearing? Well I've got my pick of a fair few here, and whether you're more of a high pigment girl, a lipgloss girl, or you're after something more subtle, you'll find it here.

I absolutely love this range of lipsticks, and I feel like it's such a hard range to get hold of now. The formula is really comfortable, very smooth and glides on. It has a bit of a matte feeling, with a lovely velvet finish. Trendsetter is a gorgeous, warm blue toned pink. It's one of my favourite lipsticks, and if I want a pink this is usually the first one I reach for.

This very closely follows the Revlon offering. The pink of this lipstick is frigging gorgeous, and quite possible one of my favourite ever lipstick shades. The formula is super nourishing, and the finish is quite glossy. It's not as long lasting as some of the other matte formulas, but it's lovely for a nice finish and a touch of glamour. 

Although the name suggests it's a red, this is actually a very nice pink shade. It's a very, very matte shade so can be a touch drying, but it sits very nicely on the lips, doesn't look cakey and has a nice finish. The staying power is also a bit ridiculous, it's hours and hours. It's a beautiful warm pink, and would be perfect for a meal out - thanks to the fact it's not going to budget.

I'm pretty sure I've spoken about these lipsticks before, but they are a beaut. Definitely worth their higher price tags. They have a matte type formula, but with more of a velvet finish as the name would suggest. Thy're not drying in the slightest, and very comfortable. This shade is a very bright pink, somewhere between blue and yellow toned, and would suit most skin types.

A bit of a lighter formula than a liquid lipstick so not as highly pigmented as some of the other products in this post, but I do love this colour. It's a lovely deep blue toned pink, very bright and incredibly warming for the skin tone. It feels move like a gloss, and it lasts more like a gloss and looks more like a gloss, but more pigmented.

One of my all time favourite lip products, this is incredibly for a product under £5. It's like a crayon form, but is very pigmented, has a matte finish and lasts for flipping ages. This particular colour is a lovely purple toned pink, with a touch of grey, and is perfect for the colder months. It's not as bright or in your face, so if you prefer a more muted colour, or a darker tone, this will be right up your street.

If you're not into lipsticks or block colour then this lip gloss will be for you. It's the first lip gloss I haven't hated, it's not thick or sticky. It's super comfortable and the colour is a gorgeous deep pink that warms the face. It doesn't last for ever, let's face it, it's a gloss, but it's easy to touch up and looks beautiful with everything.

I'd love to hear what your favourite pinks are, send me your recommendations now!

Much love, Lisa May

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  1. This is a great post, detailed so well. I wish I could wear lipsticks, I envy anyone that can wear them. I love slightly coloured lip glosses.


    1. Aww thanks hun! I used to be the same, I built myself into lippies by starting with nudey colours or my lips but better and just getting into it that way! But lip glosses are a beaut. The Maybelline ones, and Tanya Burr's lip glosses, are my faves.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I wish I got on with bright pinks better - and you'd think I would given I'm a brunette but nope. They just don't look right on me - might be my lip shape who knows! You've picked some beautiful shades though - I love literally all Revlon lip products, they can't do wrong in my eyes! x

    1. There are some that just really don't suit me - I have to stay closer to blue tones than yellow tones or I look ill!!
      I know right!! I love their lip products!!
      Lisa x

  3. All these lip colors are giving me the absolute feels ❤️ I love the mac and mabelline ones 😍

    Ash- www.theashtreejournal.com

    1. If there's anything that can give me feels it's lip products!! They are beauts!!!
      Thanks for commenting!


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