3 December 2016

Blogmas | Top 5 Festive Red Lipsticks

If you can't wear red lipstick at this time of the year then when can you? I'm a big fan of red lips, however I do go through stages where I don't feel 100% comfortable wearing them. But Christmas time is THE time to try it, and the really feel the festive spirit. So I thought it only right as part of Blogmas to share my top five shades with you.

First of all what constitutes a festive red lip? For me, a festive red has to be warm toned, could have berry tones to it and it could be dark and sultry.

This is a newer one for me and also one of the most affordable. It's warm toned, and it's a deep dark red with hints of berry. It's from Rimmel's new matte range The Only 1 and it lasts for hours on end. If you're not comfortable with reds this probably isn't the one to start with, but if you like your dark tones this will be totally up your street. My only tip - make sure your lips are in good conditions otherwise it does cling to dry patches. It's very similar to Rimmel's Kate Matte in 107, so if you like that sort of shade you'll love this one. 

I adore this beautiful red shade, and I do think it's the perfect Christmas shade. It's a deep warm toned red and is a very classic red, one you'd expect to find on a 50's movie star. It looks more pink here, but I promise it's a definite red with a very subtle hint of pink. It's from Topshop's range and is very comfortable. It has more of a satin finish, so not matte, has a little shine but not too much gloss. I'm not usually a fan of Topshop's lipsticks, but did this change my outlook.

I couldn't not do a festive red post without including this bad boy. Probably one of the most well know red lippies out there, and one of the most hyped. I do absolutely love this shade. It's a bit lighter than the other two, it's not as dark or berry toned, but it's still the perfect red. It's the type of red you'd expect to see on Christmas cards or decorations so it's a great Christmas accessory. It's incredibly matte, so if you have dry lips it may be worth avoiding this as it is drying. But personally, I love the finish and I love wearing this.

Another classic red colour, and it's a bit darker than it appears in this picture so it's more on the dark berry type shade. It's a liquid lipstick so it's highly pigmented and has a really good long wear time. It is slightly drying, however as long as you prep your lips beforehand you should be absolutely fine. It has a matte finish as well, however it's still got a bit of sheen to it so it's more velvet than proper matte I would say. But I do love throwing this on at this time of year as it's a definite festive statement.

This is another liquid lipstick, and is another darker shade. However it's more of a pinky berry red then the others in this list, but it is beautiful and the perfect Christmas party shade. It has a beautiful satin finish, although it's supposed to be one of Revlon's Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours. This is one of the longest lasting of the bunch, and the one my hubby always compliments when I put it on. It compliments a lot of skin tones and would suit most. I would definitely recommend grabbing this next time you're in a Boots store.

I had so much fun picking out my favourite festive shades, but I'd love to know your favourites as well. So let me know in the comment box which you love and which ones I should try out.



  1. Can't beat Ruby Woo, its a must have red! x

    1. I always tell people that! It you have any red, it has to be Ruby Woo!


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