5 December 2016

Blogmas | A Gift Guide for Her

Christmas is around the corner, and it's that time of year where everyone I know gets super stressed about buying presents. I love buying people gifts, I think it's so much fun and I love putting thought behind it. So with that in mind, I thought I'd put together a little gift guide.

I didn't want to put a load of price restrictions on this guide as I know everyone has different budgets, so there is a variety of price ranges throughout the guide as well as something different for various interests. So hopefully there is a little something for everyone and you get a little big of inspiration...

They'll like this if they like.... candles or home decorations
This entire range smells like Christmas to me. You can get the candles, reed diffusers, room sprays and so on so you have a huge range to choose from. The scent contains cinnamon, orange and cloves and it's the perfect winter spice scent. You can get different gift sets as well, like the Mini Home Fragrance Set or Limited Edition Candles. You can't really go wrong here - unless they don't like this type of scent!
Price range: £10 - £130

They'll like this if they like... style and accessories
Let's face it, at this time of the year everyone needs a good scarf, and there is no prettier scarf than a Lola Rose scarf. These are dainty and beautiful, and there's such a variety of different styles I feel like everyone would like at least one design. They also come presented in the most adorable drawstring bags and they do just have a sense of luxury about them. I've given a few of these in the past and they've always had a good reaction.
Price range: £35 - £50

They'll like this if they like... cooking or baking
For someone who likes to experiment with their cooking, or baking, this is the perfect present. There's nothing worse then playing with a recipe and not having anywhere to write it down or save it. Paperchase do some beautiful recipe files where you can write all your favourites down, sorted into different categories and comes with mini index cards. Personally I love this cup cake version, but you can also get a gothic floral version and a utensils version which is super cute. 
Price range: £10 - £15

They'll like this if they like... relaxing and baths
I would be incredibly happy to receive pretty much anything from Lush's christmas products. They always pull it out of the bag with their limited edition pieces and they tend to repeat a lot of them each year. Personally I love their bath products, like their Magic Wand, or Santasaurus this year. Their Christmas Penguin is uber cute and as always Snow Fairy is a must at this time of year. You'll find some great gift sets as well.
Price Range: £4 - £170

Feel food Christmas films, like Muppets Christmas Carol
They'll like this if they like... Christmas and kids films
For me Christmas films really help to get me in the Christmas spirit, so when I receive one for Christmas I'm always super excited. One of my all time favourite films is the Muppets Christmas Carol. I used to watch this every Christmas Eve and it's just not Christmas until I've seen it - everyone should own a copy. Or, you can take a look at my Christmas film post for some more recommendations. 
Price range: £5-£15

They'll like this if they like... make up, beauty or luxury brands
This is a bit more on the luxury side, although still affordable. It's also the perfect present for any lipstick or beauty addict. I've recently fallen for these beauties, especially the velvet range, and they look gorgeous. If I were to open a present and be presented with a little Chanel box I'd do a cheeky little dance. There's a massive range of colours, ranging from brighter pinks and festive reds to everyday nudes. There's definitely something for everyone.
Price range: £26

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