2 December 2016

Blogmas | My top festive films

What better way to get in the festive mood then to immerse yourself in a fun-filled film. I love Christmas films, and find it's the perfect accompaniment to wrapping Christmas presents, writing cards or Christmas baking.

Everyone has their favourites, including me. But I think you'll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't get swept away with Christmas cheer in a festive film. Expect maybe Scrooge. Or my cat. Anyway, with that in mind here's the films that never fail to get me in the tinsel mood.

This is my ultimate favourite, must watch every year, Christmas film. It's like Hocus Pocus at Halloween, it's not Christmas until I've seen this. For a long time in my parents house it was our Christmas eve film, where we'd all snuggle up in the lounge and fall in love with the muppets. I mean who doesn't like the Muppets (cough, my husband). It's got humour, it's got soul and it's just pure Christmas spirit. Definitely a must watch.

I remember watching this with my Mum so many Sunday's leading up to Christmas with a hot chocolate and a cat on my lap. It's the ultimate old school, feel good Christmas film that encourages you to believe in anything. It's got a bit of everything, Father Christmas, deceit, love, family and good overcoming all else. I know there's an older version than the one I have here, but for me I grew up with this one and it just wouldn't be Christmas without a viewing.

When I first saw this I really couldn't make up my mind as I'm really not a Will Ferrell fan. However, this is just so heart warming and absolutely hilarious. It's a Christmas film which really doesn't take itself seriously, but does a damn fine job at making you feel all warm and fuzzy. If you haven't seen this it's definitely one to add to your list this year. It's incredibly silly and is perfect for all ages - so even if you have little ones it's definitely suitable.

Now, technically I don't think this is actually a Christmas film. However, it's filled with ice, snow, a reindeer and a snowman so for me - that's Christmas. This is SUCH a good Disney classic for me, even thought it's only a couple of years old. It's got family values, love, deceipt, overcoming obstacles and a talking snowman. Who wants to bath in the sun. And singing, lots of singing. It's so feel good, and it's definitely one for a Christmas girl's night in.

A more recent Christmas film, and one I feel really does get overlooked. It's about two women who have a massive change happen in their life just before Christmas, so they swap homes for the holidays. It's such a heart-warming stories, but filling with laugh out loud moments and real sincerity. This always puts me in such a good mood, it's a proper chick flick, but with snow. I would highly recommend this for a girls night in as well, but also if you're just on your own and want something cosy to snuggle into. 

Probably more my husbands favourite than mine, but it still has to be viewed every year. I love how clever this is, with all the little story lines that are completely separate yet weave within each other. The characters are all relatable and loveable, and the underlying message is just beautiful. Definitely can't look at Martin Freeman without seeing his naked body after this, but it's a lovely one to watch snuggled up in the evening with a glass of wine. No one does heart warming like Richard Curtis, and this film is that in spades.

Let me know if you watch any of these over Christmas, and what your favourites are as well. I'd love to add some newbies to my watch list. 



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