12 December 2016

Blogmas | A Gift Guide for Him

Shopping for the men in your life is always somewhat tricky. I feel like us girls can be quite easy to please, whereas boys - little bit trickier. I've been with my other half for over 9 years now, so I've gotten pretty good at knowing what to get him. But not everyone is quite so easy.

Seeing as I did one for her, it only seemed fair I did the same for him. As with my previous, I've tried to do a range of different gifts to cater to everyone. So even if you don't go for these, hopefully they'll inspire.

They'll like this if they like.... Drinking games, nights in
This is a game I've heard so much about, and didn't really get it's popularity until I played it myself, drink in hand. It's a great gift to give if you know someone who loves card games, or drinking games with his friends. It's also perfect as it has extension packs so you have present ideas for birthdays and Christmas' moving forward. 
Price range: £10-£25

They'll like this if they like... Reading, Game of Thrones series
It's hard pressed to find a man who doesn't enjoy Game of Thrones, but how many have read the books? I know my other half had read all the books before the series started and he loved them. My brother is also a huge fan. I've read a few and they're beautifully written, and the detail is on an epic scale. There's many different books as well so again, it's a gift you can keep on giving. 
Price range: £4 - £52

They'll like this if they like... Smelly stuff, taking care of themselves
A good old smelly is always within someones present sack, or stocking. So this is a guarenteed hit, Only the Brave is a gooden as it looks quite masculine, and its a scent that both men and women will like. I know I love it when my hubby uses this one. There's different sizes and gift sets, plus a few different variations to choose from. A gift set is always a good idea as it's something a little extra special, but I know this scent is always a hit with my man. 
Price range: £21 - £60

They'll like this if they like... Pokemon. Period.
Pokemon became incredibly popular again this year after the release of Pokemon Go, but having said that my other half always loved a bit of Pokemon. It's much easier to find stuff now though, so things like a phone case, cufflinks, keyrings or even tshirts are readily available. It's just a quirky little thing that can lend itself to small fun little gifts, stocking fillters and tree presents. 
Price range: £5 - £50

They'll like this if they like... Christmas
It's always fun to get something Christmas themed, and bobble hats are definitely a good choice. I picked up this hat for Adam last year, but I'm sure there are many great ones this year as well. Christmas jumpers bode well, or Christmas pyjamas. Basically anything you can wear that's Christmas themed is always a good feel-good gifts to give someone. And bound to put a smile on anyways face.
Price range: £10-£40

I hope this helps with a few ideas for you. It's about having fun, so make sure you have fun with your Christmas shopping and wrapping. 


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