19 December 2016

Blogmas | Baylis & Harding Christmas Gifts

Christmas isn't Christmas until you get to play around with some gorgeous Baylis and Harding gift sets. And they really do the best ones. So if you're struggling for some last minute gift ideas then this could be the post for you. 

I'm always incredibly lucky to be sent a range of their Christmas products to review each Christmas, and I feeling privileged. The products are always really high quality and they smell incredibly. But let's take a look at my picks this year. Let's start with some homeware gifts. 

First of just how pretty and festive is this candle? I absolutely love the Christmas tree top and fell in love with it. Their candles always burn really well, and I love having these in my bathroom as I find them super soothing. This candle in particular is the perfect bath candle as the scent is subtle and smoothing. Just from the way this looks, it'd make the perfect present for any candle or Christmas lover.

These are the perfect little stocking filler for anyone who loves candles. You get three mini candles in this adorable packaging. The scent has got that subtle zest to it and is incredibly fresh. It's a good one if you're not a fan of really spicy Christmas scents. But generally it makes the cutest looking piece to take out of your stocking. I'd love to receive this.

Moving onto body treats, this spa tin is the perfect gift for anyone whose a bit of a workaholic and just needs a bit of help relaxing. This tin is part of their new Patchouli and Ylang Ylang aromatherapy collection, and contains some great goodies. The set includes a cream wash, a body cleanser, body cream and a loofah. It smells incredible and the creams are so soft and creamy, incredibly nourishing and makes my skin feel super pampers after. 

This is one of my favourite gift set of theirs, every year. I have so many pairs of these socks in unbelievable. They're super soft, and perfect when you want to put a foot mask on, or just want some extra cosy socks to keep your feet warm in the evening. I've always loved this scent as well, it has a a dark fruit quality which feels luxury, and the foot lotion is to die for. 

I always love the Christmas gift sets from their Beauticology range. They're always so inventive and so much fun. I absolutely love this little toy soldier hot water bottle - I've actually taken it to work with me to keep me toasty. I also love their scents, and this set was no exception. The Vanilla Frosting scent is back in the form of a body lotion - super soft and sinks in straight away. And Strawberry Candy Cane (which I believe is new) Body Wash is so tasty - I had to hold myself back from trying to eat it. This is probably my favourite of all the gift sets I've tried, and is probably a lot more suited to someone younger. 

I really do love their gift sets, I feel like they are so luxury, but all within a good price range. And you'll find a lot of these at a discounted price so perfect time for those last minute gifts. 

*This post was written in collaboration with Baylis and Harding. Thank you to them for sending me their products for review.


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  1. The Toy Soldier Cosy Night Set is absolutely what I would need (hahaha, I've always cold feet at night and need a warm bottle so therefore I've already 2:)) this one would be sooo cute and festive allthough to use through the christmas weeks!:)



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