18 December 2016

Blogmas | Winchester Christmas Markets

Sometimes you have to make yourself feel a little Christmassy. And sometimes the best way to do that is to jump out of your Christmas filled house and jump straight into a Christmas filled market.

I know this sounds bizarre, but I've never really gone to a Christmas market. I've seen the ones in a high street but I've never gone anywhere to actually go to a Christmas market. So I decided to hop on a train and head over to Winchester to take a walk through theirs. It's renowned on the south coast, and I could kick myself that I haven't been before. Luckily for me, my lovely big brother and his lovely girlfriend invited Adam and I to join them for lunch and a wonder around the market. 

We started off with lunch in Pitcher & Piano along the high street. We got there a little early so had a drink, and then went to a comfy little booth for lunch. The atmosphere was lovely and the food (a P& Club Sandwich) was delicious. However, the service was a bit slow (and I mean really slow) which was a disappointing - we did however get a free round of drinks as an apology which always makes me happy. 

After lunch we headed straight down to the market, and after a short queue we went straight in. Immediately you feel Christmassy and festive, and you're surrounded by these adorable wooden huts with cute, unique gifts. So after picking up the obligatory mulled wine, we wondered around and explored all the gift stands, then moving onto the food. It smelled incredible - of cloves, cinnamon, sausages, spices and cheese. It was glorious. 

My brother picked up my Mum's Christmas present, I picked up a new Christmas tree ornament and some chocolate orange fudge - best thing in the world by the way - and yes, we picked up one of those reindeer and snowmen too. Just saying. They were cute.

It was so nice to be out, and force ourselves to do something different and be festive. I love Christmas, but I don't make the most of it. I'm used to sitting on my sofa, and living my life from there. But going to the markets made me realise I need to start living my life from outside the sofa, and I'll definitely be doing that from now on. If you haven't been to a Christmas marketing, I'd highly recommend it. It just gets you in that mood - and sharing it with your loved ones will just make it even more special. 

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  1. Oh the market seems to be really cute:) Here in Austria, there are almost in each small village as well as city christmas markets too:) But I loved the one in Brighton as well!:) Or the big one in London. I just missed there gingerbread and punch:)



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