14 December 2016

Blogmas | Top Christmas Nail Colours

We've taken a look at lips, but what about nails? Having nails that match the season, or holiday, helps to bring you into that mood. Plus, you look at your own nails more than most other parts of your body, so it's nice if they're nice.

Just because it's Christmas as well, doesn't mean your nails need to be bright Santa red. You can mix it up with rich jewel tones and sequinned top coats. 

Let's start with block colours.

First of all I love the formula of this range, it's incredibly smooth and easy to apply. It's also incredibly long lasting. This is a gorgeous jewel toned berry colour, not typical Christmassy, but still a gorgeous winter colour. It's very rich and warm, and looks beautiful on. It's one that'll suit most skin tones

And we have our first festive colour - enter my favourite green polish, of all time. Essie is generally a really good quality formula, and long lasting. The colour on this is great, it's a deep pine green, that's green enough to be festive, but not too festive it's overwhelming. It's one of my favourite colours full stop, but it's deep enough and it has great even coverage. It's be perfect for a Christmas party.

And here we have our Christmas red. And it's a special one at that. It's the perfect warm red tone that signifies Christmas to me, and it's the perfect colour to wear on Christmas day. Even though it's pricey, it's not as long lasting as the previous two, but if it's just for Christmas it's okay. It's a solid colour which gives an even coverage. I love it, and it always comes out at this time of year for me.

And then let's finish off with the sequinned top coats.

I really love this top coat. It has different sizes sequins throughout the top coat so it varies up what you get on the nail, and makes each one slightly different. The sequins are colours of blue, silvers and pinks. Very cute, and goes with most colours, and adds  a little something special to any base colour, making it more festive. 

Not the most festive of colours, but it does make your nails look super sparkly. And a little like a disco ball. The distribution of the glitter tends to be really good, it's all the same size and a mix of blues, purples, pinks and turquoise. 

I've tried to pick colours that aren't, or have never been, in collections and such so you can still pick these shades up should you wish. But I'd love to hear your thoughts on your favourite festive nail colours. 

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