16 December 2016

Blogmas | Secret Santa Gift Guide

Secret Santa's can go one of two ways. If you get someone who knows you, you could end up with a really cute little niche gift. But if you get someone who doesn't know you, well, it may not go to well. Secret Santa's are supposed to be fun, so if you're taking part in one this year, hopefully this guide will trigger some ideas.

I've tried to stick to things that are £10, to stay within Secret Santa budgets. And athough it's mostly geared towards the ladies, it may help inspire for men as well. 

You really can't go wrong with a Lush bath product, and the bombs are my favourite. Whenever I've received one, or bought one for someone else, it always goes down a treat. They have some amazing Christmas ones this year, including this Luxury Lush Pod, or even Golden Wonder. All around £5 and under so great to fit within a budget. 

Essie always does amazing Christmas ranges, and this year is no exception. This year my favourite was definitely Ready to Boa, or Satin Sister. However, in a previous collection Cashmere Bathrobe (pictured here) was always my favourite. They're under £10 each, and more often then not they have deals in Boots, but these will be sure fire wins for any girly girl.

I'm always happy to get a little something to put in the home, so if someone gets me a little home gift like a frame or a candle I'd be more than happy with that. This frame is uber cute and was under £10 in the Anthropologie sale, and they have some beautiful unique, and personal pieces that I think anyone would be really happy to receive.

If you know someone quite well, then you can get them something a little fun by giving them a book about something they like, or collect. Like this book Shoes of Salvation, or Ladybird for Grown Ups do some really cool ones like The Husband or The Shed for example. They're a nice little touch, and most are under £10. 

Who doesn't love a candle? Especially us girls. So what better gift to give then a decorative tea light or votive holder? They're definitely within price range, with most coming under £10, and they're so so pretty. Yankee Candle always do absolutely beautiful ones, and I tend to get a new one every year from my Mummy to pop in the house. 

Everyone likes some kind of hot drink, and Starbucks have released the cutest collection of Christmas mugs this year. There is definitely something for everyone, male or female, and they'll be sure to impress. Most come under £10 as well, or on £10, They're super Christmassy, and a really nice touch - especially for someone who has a caffeine issue!

Are you taking part in a Secret Santa this year? If so what are getting your recipient?


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