10 February 2017

Moving on from our first home

When Adam and I left university, we were adamant we wanted our own place, our own home. And once we'd found it, our life together would really start. We'd been together since we were 18, so although we'd been together for a long time, it still left like our life as our own family wouldn't really begin until the day we moved in.

When we finally found our house and moved in, it felt right, and a long time coming. Fast forward two and a half years, we're now married and incredibly happy. We're now also looking for our next home. Its times like this that I really feel like an adult. I mean do I really want to be an adult? Says the married lady with the cutest cat in the world. As sad as I think I'm going to be to leave our first home, I do think it's time to move on.

When we first moved in we were green, and a little naive. We were excited, and we underestimated the amount of work it could take to go from long terms partners to a live in couple, and to actually just maintain a home. We've since become closer than ever, responsible owners to the quirkiest pizza eating cat, wedding planners and now happily married couple. It's amazing how two and a half years and a couple of major light events can mature you.

Our little house was perfect for us as first time buyers. It's only a two up, two down, not the biggest in the world but it's our home, and it became that very quickly. It was cosy enough for us, and the perfect introduction home. It was a way away from where we wanted to be, location wise, but it was what we could afford, and as I said - perfect.

Now however we're different people, in a completely different stage of our lives. And we're ready for something more. I'm probably being way more fussy than I should be, but I feel we have every right to be. No, we don't necessarily want stairs in the lounge this time, and yes, we'd quite like a dining room and I know I would love a fireplace. Before I just wanted a house. Like I said, we've grown, we're in different places now. But a home is still what we'd like. So for me it's time to grow up that little bit more and find us the perfect home for the next stage of our lives, and to say goodbye to the most perfect home we could have asked for for this first stage.

Much love, Lisa May

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