8 February 2017

Staying in on Valentines Day

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s probably time to start planning how you want to spend your day. Will you be with your loved one, or you bestie? Whoever you’re spending it with, it turns out that 63% of us would rather stay in this V-Day then get squeezed into a busy restaurant with overpriced set menus. I’m sure you can guess where I fall on the whole scale of things. Online lighting specialist, Festive Lights, surveyed 500 people over the age of 18, and I’m not surprised by the result.

What the hubby and I tend to do is go out for a nice meal on a different night, and then spend V-Day at home, snuggled up with each other, and Stephen Alty, general manager at Festive Lights, completely agrees, saying they’ve noticed a trend in recent years with people creating a cosy romantic environment in their home using food and lighting, rather than shelling out for a packed restaurant. Now Festive Lights have put together some of their own ideas on what you can do for a lovely night in, but I wanted to share my tips as well.

AT HOME PICNIC Something about a picnic feels so intimate and cosy, so what better way to spend your night in than to create your own romantic picture in your lounge. Clear some space, prepare some of your favourite little nibbles, turn off your phones and relax with each other. I'm a little in love with this beautiful heart shaped, two person picnic basket, which I'd fill with our favourite meal, some wine and garlic bread. I'd then lay down a lovely blanket, and cover it with some candle lanterns to create a romantic atmosphere. Stick some music on and you have yourself a romantic night in.

TAKEAWAY AND MOVIE MARATHON So I'm definitely a takeaway lover, give me a dominoes any night of the week. Like seriously, any night. Me and my hubby are veggers, and some of my favourite evenings have been spent vegged out on the sofa together, scoffing a pizza and watching either a box set or a series of movies. Again, turn the phone off, grab some beers or your tipple of choice, cosy up and really relax. Maybe have a Richard Curtis marathon, or if that doesn't float your boat throw on the Avengers. Nothing says romance like Chris Hemsworth...

TREASURE HUNT If you want to do something a little more fun then I'd highly recommend a treasure hunt around the house. You can put together little notes, and attach them to clues around the house. It's a bit quirky and different, and always a giggle. It's also a really nice surprise to do for your loved one when they walk through the door. I would put each note on something like a lolly stick - the note can either be a treat to keep for some time, or just a little love note. Then they can collect the sticks and put them in a beautiful mason jar. Then they can pick their treats out of here at any point or keep the little notes to read when they need a pick me up. It's a super cute thing to do.

PAMPER NIGHT Okay, so this may sound incredibly unmasculine, but give me a man who would turn down a massage or a night in the tub with his mrs (or mr) and you can have Fred. Have a little food, and then spend the night pampering each other. Give some foot rubs, back massages, jump in a Lush inspired bubble bath using their Unicorn Horn bubble bar, and decorate the bathroom with fairy lights from Festive Lights or candles. Just spend some good old quality time together. I hope you all have an incredible Valentines day, no matter who you're spending it with, and if you have any ideas as well for nights in feel free to pop them below!

Much love, Lisa May

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  1. We are totally staying in. Even though my blog is full of date tips and restaurant menus we ain't doing none of that. Maybe the week after or even two once it's all settled down again haha! I might suggest a home picnic, I do enjoy a good one picnic on the floor watching Family Guy:) x

    1. We're the same, it's always the week before or after, not the actual day! Haha yeah we're the same, dominoes and Blindspot will probably be our situation! xx

  2. I love vegging at home for romantic dates like Valentine's Day - every year we say we are going to head to a restaurant but the lure of takeaway Thai and Netflix is just too good!

    1. Vegging can be the most romantic theme! Quality time is always quality time!
      Thanks for commenting x


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