27 January 2017

Five New Things Verdict: January

So you may remember back at the beginning of the month, I picked out five products I hadn't properly tried before, with the idea that I'd give them a good go over January, and give you my verdict at the end of the month. Now, it's the end of January, so let's take a look.


My first ever Chanel fragrance, and I doubt it will be my last! I like the fresh, citrus, floral fragrance of this. It's completely replaced my empty Dior fragrance, and my wedding Jo Malone fragrance. I really like the bottle, and how sophisticated and grown up it looks. I love how fresh the fragrance smells as well, and it holds for hours, I can still smell it come lunch time. I really do love the quality of this.

This is some pretty incredible stuff. You may have seen a review I did a couple weeks ago on the shampoo and conditioner in this range and basically raved consistently about the condition it had put my hair in. Well, the masque is basically like the conditioner on steroids. Oh my god, my hair. It's so soft, and smooth, I don't think it's ever felt so healthy. I would repurchase this in a second, and recommend it to everyone. This is an ultimate game changer. 


Sanctuary Spa Velvety Hand Cream (Travel) £3.00
I'm so ridiculously fussy about hand creams, it'd probably take a miracle for one to make it to the loves list. This was nice, it smelt quite nice, and it sunk in quickly and didn't leave my hands feeling greasy. But I just couldn't quite make it to the love stage. It wasn't something I looked forward to using, or really saw the results from. It's a nice product, it's just not an awesome product.

Sanctuary Spa Gentle Polish Body Scrub £5.50
I got this in the same gift set as the hand cream, and again, it's a nice product but it's not a great product. It's a nice scrub, and it does the job, but I personally prefer the Soap & Glory body scrub. Plus, there's other things in the gift set that I actually prefer using like the shower gel. So again, although it's nice to use and I will probably use it all up, it's not something I'd rush to repurchase.


Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser
I think I said in the last post on this that I'm really fussy when it comes to my day moisturisers. So many make my skin feel too greasy or oily, or it's just too heavy. I was hoping this would be okay as it was light, and Simple is a lovely brand, but for me it's just a little too heavy for everyday use, and it's not the best to use before applying my make up. It makes my base slide straight off. For me, this just isn't the right product. I'd imagine if you had dry skin this would be lovely, just not if you have oily skin like me.

I'm looking forward to picking my five products for February - do you have any suggestions?

Much love, Lisa May

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