19 January 2017

Eating Good Food and Staying Healthy

It's not always easy trying to be healthier, especially after the indulgence of Christmas and New Year. And for me, I love food, so that makes it even harder. However, I've found a couple of ways to that mean I can still have some of my favourite meals, and still keep on track with trying to keep healthy. 

Is that a thing? Yes, absolutely. Otherwise I'd never be able to lose weight.

So how have I been doing it? For me it's so important to still enjoy my food, otherwise I'd never be able to stick to it. I'm a foodie. But these are just some things I've done that's really helping me stay on track.

So I love me a bit of pasta, and it's good every now and then, but having it all the time can obviously put the weight on. What I've started doing is swapping it out for spinach. So when we have spaghetti bolognese (a fave), leave out the spag for me, throw in the spinach and a bit sweetcorn. You're not going to be able to cut out all carbs, but it's a good way to still enjoy your favourite food. If you can't cut it out completely, then just do a smaller portion of pasta, and pile it on top of the spinach.

I can't help it, I love me some chocolate, and after Christmas our house is full of it. But, I'm trying to be good and not eat it all in one go. Waah. So when I have that sugar craving, I've been reaching for a juicy Pink Lady apple instead. It's really nice and sweet, and so tasty. I cut it up into small bite sized pieces so it looks like more than it is, It also settles that sugar craving. It apples don't float your boat, grab some grapes, or even some plums.

So, I've started doing dry January - always good when you give up yummy food as well. So, to help stop my wine craving, I've been drinking things out of a wine glass. Yup, it actually, weirdly, helps. We recently did a little dinner party for our parents, and instead of wine I was having Shloer, very tasty, non-alcoholic, and in a wine glass. Yup, not sure why it works. But it totally does.

You can't be good every minute of everyday, it's just not possible. So make sure you give yourself a break. For me, weekends are a bit of a free pass. I don't have to worry about it, I can have a takeaway, break for lunch, cheese and chocolate. It helps during the week when I really fancy something, I just have to remember I can have what I want at the weekend. And if you go out for a meal, don't worry, do what you want. As long as you don't go totally mad, you're fine.

The main thing to remember is to be smart. Don't go silly, and don't do a fad - they never work in the long run. Just be sensible, and remember to listen to your body. If it's craving something, it's because it needs it. If you find you trip, don't hold it against yourself - you're only human. If you have any tips, I'd love to hear them as well!

Much love, Lisa May

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