18 January 2017

My current shower gel collection

Shower gels are such an un-sexy product to talk about. There's never much about them on beauty blogs, or in videos and favourites. If they're in a haul they're quickly mentioned and pushed aside for the more exciting products - even moisturisers top them in the list. 

However, I've always found that looking after my skin, always starts with the perfect shower gel, and how I feel, starts there. And with that in mind, I have a few that I use for different days and occasions.

Yup, sounds strange. But shower gels are essentially, so how can you get more excited about then?

I have four products that I've used regularly for a few weeks now. Two of which are my everyday, normal shower gels. First up, you probably recognise, but it's the Lush Snow Fairy shower gel. It's only available at Christmas so you can't still currently get it (grab The Comforter instead) but it's the perfect everyday one. It's not too drying for a gel, and it smells super sweet. My skin always feels super clean and smooth after. However, when my skin is feeling that bit drier I've been reaching for the Soap & Glory Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel, as it's a lot more like a shower cream and it's much more nourishing. It's a lot better for this time of year and feels amazing on the skin. Personally, I do usually prefer the Sugar Crush version for the scent, but the formula is completely the same, it's super creamy and your skin feels so soft afterwards. 

One product I have absolutely loved using is the Sanctuary Cleansing Burst Body Wash, which has little capsules of sesame and jojoba oil that burst when they're rubbed into this skin and really cleanse and nourish the skin. This shower gel is perfect to use after a work out, I always use it after a gym class or session. It's so refreshing and I just find the little beads help replace moisture and this product really helps me feel much cleaner after a workout than my usual two above. It feels very luxury considering it's only a fiver. On the other end of things, we have a very, very luxury feeling product that does cost a little more is the Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche Foaming Shower Gel. This was a very nice Christmas present, and it only comes out for special occasions like New Years, or dinner parties and such. It smells frigging incredible and the scent really lasts, it feels so luxury and smooth and my skin feels super super cleansed and soft afterwards. It's definitely more of a luxury product, which is why it only comes out on special occasions.

So yes, shower gels are never that exciting to talk about. But they make such a difference, I feel they need more love over the net. Let's all show our shower gels a little more love and appreciation. Shall I start a club? No, okay. But yeah, gotta love a good shower gel.

Much love, Lisa May

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