10 January 2017

Pandora Stacking Rings

I was incredibly spoilt for Christmas this year, and I must admit, I had a very Pandora Christmas. Once I opened all my presents the table looked like it was covered in Pandora bags and boxes. I've had a bracelet for a long long time, but I was very kindly gifted some of their stacking rings this year as well, which I've fallen in love with.

I'm a funny one with rings, as I've always only ever worn sentimental ones. I have one I got from my parents for my 18th which never ever comes off, and of course my engagement and wedding ring. However, I really felt like something new and mentioned stacking rings to my Mum. Then voila, hello beautiful rings. 

I love the idea that you can mix and match them, change the order or even just wear one or two if you feel like it. But I really do love the ones I was gifted this year. At the bottom of the pile we have the Alluring Brilliant Princess Ring, which has circles and diamonds inlaid with princess and brillant cut stones. It's very vintage looking and has a lot of sparkle. This one also looks great one it's own sitting as a thumb ring as well. Next up we have the Droplets Ring, which is like a plain band with cubic zirconia stones dotted across it. It works as the perfect spacer between the big dramatic bottom sparkler and the bigger single rings above.  You then have the September Droplet Birthstone Ring - now I'm not a September baby, but I love blue - it's my favourite colour - and it's a beautiful navy sapphire stone. It's gorgeous, so I don't really think it matters if it's technically a month stone. Then last up on top we have the Daisy Flower Ring. It's the cutest edition and adds such a playful edge to the other more sophisticated rings. 

I just think overall, they all go so well together. Mum did an awesome job putting them all together, and I'm officially converted to the stacking rings trend. 

Much love, Lisa May

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