25 January 2017

Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake

So yes, I'm supposed to be healthy at the moment, however when I ran a dinner party for both sets of parents I had to come up with a dessert that'd please everyone. Cheesecake is always a winner, and I took my recipe inspiration from Tanya Bakes. In her book she has a recipe for a Terry's Chocolate Orange Cheesecake, which is super easy to make and a real crowd pleaser. I've since adapted the recipe for a few different versions, such as a Maltesar Cheesecake. But for this dinner party, I ran with a Chocolate Caramel version, and it was divine. 

300g Maryland Chocolate Chip Cookies
100g melted butter
250g full-fat cream cheese
150g icing sugar
250g Dairy Milk Caramel, melted
150g double cream
Salted caramel sauce
Splash of milk

First of all, crush all of your cookies together until they're pretty much crumbs and chocolate chips - a good way to get out any frustrations. If you have a big enough bag, throw them in there and whack with a rolling pin, or put them all in a bowl and get to work with your rolling pin. Melt together in a bowl the butter and one tablespoon of salted caramel sauce, then pour in the crumbs and mix it all together. Once combined, put in the base of your tin and pack it all in. 

Then whisk together your icing sugar and cream cheese until it's all combined and smooth. Now you can work on your chocolate. Break up your Dairy Milk Caramel into segments, and melt down. Now the caramel may resist, and it won't melt as nicey as chocolate normally does, it'll look a touch drier, so I just added a splash of milk. Once you're happy it's all melted, put your cream in a bowl and whisk up until it creates soft peaks. Then put the melted chocolate, and cream cheese mixture in with the cream, and whisk together until all nicely combined. You'll find you get little chunks of caramel throughout, which is absolutely fine and adds to the flavour. Once you're happy with it, pour over the biscuit base and stick in the fridge to set.

It will need to stay in the fridge for at least four hours to set, but it's gorgeous. It's so good, the mother in law asked for seconds. As I said, the original recipe came from Tanya Bakes so definitely check it out. Let me know if you try this version out as well, trust me, you won't regret it.

Much love, Lisa May

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