9 January 2017

A Change of Mentality in 2017

Every time a New Year comes around I’m always sat there thinking, yes, this is the year I’ll do X, Y and Z. But I don’t put a plan in place to do it, I don’t actually take any action. Therefore how will I ever achieve what I want? Well, it’s a New Year again, and I’m determined that this year I’m going to make a few changes. But to make these changes, I need a little shift in mentality. Gone are the years where my resolution centred around not biting my nails (still working on this) and getting a new hair style. These are some biggies.

Change One: Be more responsible with money
Oh yeah, this I’ve been promising myself and my husband for years. However, the last two months in 2016 were a bit of a wake up call for m in terms of finances. I get a good wage, so I can’t complain about that, and I don’t have a ridiculous amount of outgoings – I have money to play with after all bills have come out. But this seems to disappear very quickly. I blame Starbucks personally, and Dominoes. The hubby and I are looking to move house this year, which means our mortgage and bills will likely go up, so I really need to sort this out now and really understand where my money is going, what I can afford to spend each month and where I need to cut back. I don’t know about you, but I fear my bank balance like I fear a spider. I get this horrible pit in my stomach every time I know I need to look at it. However, when I do look I end up feeling calmer because I know what situation I’m in and what I have left. So for me, I need to get into the habit of budgeting myself every time I get paid – know exactly what I’ll be spending out on for that month, and then sticking to it. Check my balance every day and know where I am.

How I’ve already started: I sat down this week and wrote down all my monthly outgoings, and added this up. I then wrote down roughly what I spend on the food shop and petrol each month, and added this on. Taking this off my monthly salary really revealed how bad I’ve been. So I then went through all my spending and it was quite enlightening, and a little scary. I’ve also got a Single Cash book, which I’ve put in my handbag. What I’m planning to do with this is write my balance every morning into my book. This way I can really keep an eye on this.

Change Two: Actually get fitter and go back down to my comfortable weight
I’m going to start this section by saying I know I’m not fat. Just before I get comments saying “but you’re not fat, you don’t need to loose weight”. I know I’m not. However, I’m not currently comfortable or confident with how I look at the moment. I’ve really neglected myself in terms of health and fitness, and it really shows for me. Some of my favourite items of clothing no longer fit properly, my knees are shot to hell because they’re not strong enough, and I’m so unfit I get tired going up stairs. Oh yes, not so good. And here’s the bigger – my bridesmaid dress for my best friends wedding in May no longer zips up. Disaster.com. For me, I have a very lazy state of mind, and I’ll find any excuse – and that has definitely been my knees the past year. I need to get off my backside and go and do something. In terms of food, this will also help with my first change. I eat a lot of snacks, drink wine most evenings and I’m always the first to jump to the Dominoes App. I always feel guilty after, whereas when I go to a gym class I always feel so much better about myself. Surely this should tell me something?

How I’ve already started: Before Christmas I started going to a gym class a week with my best friend after work. By going with someone I feel a lot more motivated as if I don’t go, I’ll be letting someone down. However, I’ve also very recently joined the gym as I was spending more on classes a month than an actual membership. I’ve promised myself, and the hubby, I’ll go at least twice a week – and if I don’t do that, I’ll put £10 into our joint savings that week. I’m also doing dry January to try and show myself I really don’t need that glass of wine after a stressful day and kick start that weight lose. I’ve put new batteries in my scales at home, and have set up a sheet to fill in each week of my weight every Friday morning. I’m no longer buying lunches, or Starbucks, but instead bringing in sachets of Mugshots for lunch each day, and my dinner portions are now smaller. I’m cutting out carbs where appropriate in meals and adding in spinach or salad instead. I do have a load of Christmas chocolate left in the house, so that’s just going to be will power.

What I’m also going to do is do a monthly update on the blog on how I’m going in terms of weight loss, fitness and diet. This is so I can’t hide.

Change Three: Become more house proud
My husband will laugh his head off when he sees this one. Basically, I’m lazy, and I’m messy. I don’t tend to put things away and it gets on his nerves no end. And with our house going on the market soon, this definitely needs sorting out. Again, it’s one of those things where I think “oh I’ll do it later, or at the weekend”, and I need to stop doing this. I think for me I need to get into a routine, this is where I fall down. Once I get in a routine I’m okay, so I just need to do that.

How I’ve already started: The hubby and I have said that moving forward Saturday mornings will be housework mornings, so there will be hoovering, dusting, tidying and cleaning going on. Basically we just need to stick to this. I’ve sorted out my side of the room, kind of, so I just need to finish this and get rid of so many clothes and things I really don’t need. I’m also inviting people around more, as this will kick me into keeping it nice for visitors.

I’ve tried to keep my main changes this year down to three, and it covers a lot of things I need to adjust mentally, so it’ll take some time. I have other things I’d like to achieve this year, like making the blog more successful, moving house, throwing the best ever hen party for my best friend and have a few more days out or weekends away. But for me, these three will build a foundation for my life, that will hopefully, and ultimately, influence everything else.

I’d love to know what changes you’re making in the New Year, or if you have any tips that can help me with any of my changes! Throw them my way, I need all the help I can get!!

Much love, Lisa May

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