27 October 2013

Life | Little Things #3

Hello again! Life the past couple of weeks has been quite busy at work and out of it, a lot of stuff going on! It's not getting any quieter either I'm afraid. At the same time I'm quite happy as it's keeping me busy!

Last weekend I went out for a friends birthday and it was such a good night out. I got to spend some time with the bestie Amber and some cocktails (woop) which doesn't happen as lot as we are both saving for a house so we mainly just pop over to each others and talk... Which I love as well. One of my favourite things to do is just chill with this girl and have a chatter.

I have been really liking my wardrobe lately. I've felt a bit of a burst of inspiration lately so been mixing up outfits that I wouldn't usually do, like this uber girly number above. This dress I only ever wear for post outings, but stick a jumper on top and it's a day outfit. Love it! Also I teamed it with these boots from Schuh which I have been lusting after for weeks now and have finally managed to get hold of and they have no left my little feet.

My hair is getting to a length of being able to be a tad more experimental with it again lately. It is due a cut again very soon but for now I've been adding a curl to it and I love the affect. It makes it softer and really brings out the highlights. Something else new is how much time I've been spending with this little guy. We've had him for years but recently he seems to be living in my room, and what a cuddly little thing he is.

This week coming I have Halloween coming up (which is always an event in our household). Last year I was in Exeter for the day so I'm looking forward to actually being here this year and getting some snaps.

What's making you happy at the moment?


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