23 September 2019


I have loved quotes for as long as I can remember - how they can affect your mode or even shift your perception of something. When I'm down, or something is bothering me my best friend has always sent me quotes, and vice versa. My gallery wall is half quotes. When I'm struggling with something I look at quotes to motivate me. So why not have a quote as my phone's wallpaper?

For a couple month's now I've been saving quotes (usually from Dizzybrunette3 - thanks for the inspiration) and using them as my lock screen on my phone, something that really resonated with me at that time and helped me to feel or act in a more positive way. However, I couldn't always find the quotes I wanted in the right size or format to fit my phone, so a couple weeks ago I thought - why not make my own? 

This 100% started out as making a couple for myself, however, the more I did it the more fun I had. Before you knew it I had made about five or six for myself and started to think actually - other people may like these. So why not keep creating and sharing? So here we are! 

Every week (either Sunday or Monday, can't decide at the moment) I will share around 10 new wallpapers for phones, all quotes, all based around a theme that week, on my Instagram, here and on Pinterest. There may even be a couple extras on Pinterest if I went a little bit crazy!

So are you ready for the first round up? Feel free to save and use these on your phone, or as quotes on your socials - but please be sure to tag me if you do! 
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This week's theme: Disney Quotes
If you follow me on any of my socials, or on here, you know I recently got back from an incredible trip to Orlando. Que major post-holiday blues and the need to cling onto anything that reminds me of it, including anything Disney. So it seemed only right the first round of quotes were all from Disney films. Let me know what you think!


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