6 August 2013

Make Up | MAC Fix+

I've heard about this, but never really looked into it. Well, I had some pennies left on a voucher so thought I'd snap up the travel version and give it a whirl.

The idea behind the Fix+ is that is fixes your make up in place, finishing it off as well as infusing your skin with radiance, minerals and vitamins. So I sprayed my face with this, after popping all my make up on and leave it be. It adds a nice subtle dewiness to the skin and is incredibly refreshing.
In terms of longevity, it did increase the amount of time my make up stayed on for - which is a definite bonus when you work in the equivilent of an over (thanks shop). However, since I starting using this my skin did start erupting in what can only be described as little volcanoes around my chin. Not pretty and really disconcerting.

I loved how this increased the stay of my make up, and the finish it gave - however I just can't use this due to the reaction on my skin. I'm glad I just bought the travel version. I think for someone who didn't have the same skin type as me, this would be a fantastic product.

Have you tried Fix+? Does it work for you?


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