20 August 2013

Make Up | Colour Tattoo in On & On Bronze

Yes, I know, I am ridiculously late jumping on this bandwagon. I don't know why but everytime I popped one in my basket, it would find its way back out of the basket before I hit the checkout. So when I popped into Superdrug recently I put it in, and kept it there, telling myself it was about time I tried one! Let's face it, a £4.99 eyeshadow isn't really doing to break the bank.

So, this is a cream gel eyeshadow that is long lasting and comes in metallic shimmery shades. It's also meant to last for 24 hours (as the name suggests). I got On & On Bronze because I tend to wear this type of colour on my eyes all the bloody time, it's very predictable but hey, it works. I do also really want to try Everlasting Navy as well though, I am a navy lover!

So what did I think? Well, it's easy to apply - however I use my fingers and my nails keep digging into it which isn't ideal, but apart from my fingers I just can't get to grip with any other type of brush with cream shadows. Anywho, it glides onto the lids easily and blends like nothing else I've used, it's lovely and smooth. The colour is a gorgeous bronze that helps bring out the brown in my eyes. Longevity wise, it lasts for hooours and what I love most - it does NOT crease. I find cream shadows tend to gather in the creases, but this doesn't at all and I love it for that.

Overall, I am so glad I FINALLY bought this. It's a great little product and I will definitely be picking up more shades.

Have you tried these eyeshadows? What's your favourite shade? 



  1. I love this colour and I love to use a Real Techniques brush because the synthetic bristles make it really easy to apply and blend. Best cream shadows out there :) xx

    1. The eyeshadow brushes are on my list to get :) definitely need them!
      L xx


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