23 July 2013

Make Up | L'Oreal Super Liner

Okay, so looking through Sainsbury's 3 for 2 offer I found this little liner. I believe it's an older one of L'Oreal's as it's no longer on the Boots website (sob). Anywho, I got this from Sainsburys and my eyes have been married every since.

It's got the felt tip precision, but the base is like a bottle so even if you use it over a shadow you can still get the pigmentation without the fade. It's a little thicker than others I've used like Pixi Lash Line, but it's still incredibly easy to use. It's so long lasting as well, lasting all through work and not even transferring onto my upper lid. Which is really what bugged me about the Pixi Lash Line, it always transferred but this just stays put. It really is a love.

I would definitelely recommend you checking it out. Maybe not if you're a total novice with liquid eyeliner as like I said, it's a bit thicker than others I've tried, but once you're a dab hand definitely snatch this up. It's my favourite and I couldn't be without it now!

Which is your fave eye liner?



  1. this looks so nice , i use 2true but find it looking a little bit "too much" sometimes

    1. o not heard of that one, always looking for new liners to try but this is def my fave :) xx


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