29 July 2013

Life | Viva La Francais

As you may know, last week I went to France, down south in the Languedoc area - a little place called Gasparets to be exact, just outside a tiny town called Boutenac. It was a gorgeous place, basically out in the middle of nowhere with a couple of small towns near by... and a couple of winerys (more on that another day).

My parents, Uncle and Aunty had already been there for a week when Adam and I joined them. Sunday was a pure relaxing day, lazing by the pool reading and a bbq in the evening. Pure utter bliss. Monday we headed off to St Guilhem et Desert - I will pop this up on a seperate post as it's worthy of it's own post! It was a day, and then evening out to a gorgeous little restaurant with the best scallops entree and duck main. Yum! Tuesday was back at the pool for laziness, Wednesday a trip to Carcasonne - a gorgeous french castle. Thursday the boys and Alison went off on a hot hot hot bike ride - Mum and I decided to stay and laze by the pool, topping up our tans and drowning the evil wasps that threatened to sting us - then off for some wine tasting and another bbq. Friday was our last full day. So we kept it simple. Adam was throwing me around in the pool - with the help of Dad as well, and then a wine fuelled bbq. 

I would definitely recommend visiting this area if you're looking for a complete and utter getaway. I love having a villa to ourselves, it's so private and really just very relaxing. An amazing place to get away to. I have a couple of other posts coming up on the specific outings I had but this is just a general one with photos above! I've come home feeling refreshed - and dreading work. But back at work I am today boo!

If you are off on holiday soon have an amazing time - having some time off was just what the doctor ordered!


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  1. Very idilic & your VIlla looks super nice. I love relaxing holidays. I have never hired a villa but would love too. Bet its nice having a home from home. Very relaxing.


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