10 July 2013

Skincare | Origins Zero Oil Cleanser

Day two of Lisa gushing about products. This beaut of a cleanser has appeared in a couple of posts, such as Cleansers and June Faves, but I hadn't realised I've not done an actual post dedicated to just it. My new love, the product that has changed my skin completely - and for that I owe it at least one gushing review. So get the sick buckets ready...

Okay, so as you all know I have oily skin, it's the bane of my life. So when I saw that Origins did a zero oil cleanser I knew I had to try it. Yes a tad on the pricey side, however well worth it. It's a gel cleanser, that I pop on a wet face and massage into the skin. Once covered, wipe off with a flannel. My skin feels refreshed and light. It contains Salicyclic Acid, which I've heard before is amazing for oily skin as it acts as a chemical exfoliant that deep cleans pores; and saw palmetto inhibits excess oil production. 

Since using this morning and evening, my skin has significantly improved. I've even been able to use products that used to break me out, now they don't. Yay! Honestly, the best cleanser I've used and I'm never looking back. I would recommend this collection for anyone with oily skin.

What cleansers do you swear by? Do you have oily skin?



  1. This sounds so good, it's been on my list for a while. I wouldn't say I have oily skin all over, but my t-zone certainly is. Saw Palmetto is supposed to be amazing for blemishes.
    My favourite blemish and oil-fighting cleanser is the Ren Clearcalm Clay cleanser, doesn't remove makeup but it's so lovely and leaves my skin completely oil free, but really comfortable and soft too.
    Mel x


    1. heard so many good things about Ren but have never tried it, must pop it on the list!
      L xx


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