11 July 2013

Trends | From Cheeks to Lips

So cheeks are different from lips. I know, shocker. You learn something new everyday. Well, it seems one of the latest trends has forgotten the different. Or I have for a little bit anywho. Cream blushers appear everywhere now and it has become custom to pop this on your lips as well. So I put it to the test. I have four cream blushes (hold on lemme recount... yes four) so how did they get on with my lips? Let's take a look see...

A lovely little pigmented stick that glides easily on the cheeks, and is made specifically for lips as well. I find it quite hard to apply onto the lips as it's quite a large face. It's a very pale pink colour when it's applied, that does show up every flaw, but actually looks really nice. Not my favourite formula for lips, but also one I wouldn't throw away.

Benefit's first product, and notorious for cheeks and lips. Cheeks it's incredibly long lasting and I love it, however on the lips it doesn't seem to do an awful lot to me. It tastes a bit ick. It does leave a small tint, enough to make my lips look healthy which is nice, and it's very long lasting. But the taste lingers and I'm not a huge fan.

This goes onto the cheek like a deep rose and is really natural and lovely. it is your typical cream to powder finish so when it's applied onto the lips it's not the most comfortable. it's surprisingly peach-ish on the lips considering the colour on the cheeks, but the powdery finish isn't very comfortable and means it doesn't last very long on the lips. Not great.

Okay so this is definitely my favourite. Probably the one cream blush that doesn't pop over to the powdery side, it stays creamy and I love this on my cheeks and lips. A gorgeous colour on the cheeks, and a light pink on the lips that's very long lasting and comfortable to wear. Definitely my favourite cream blush thus far and also my favourite C2L product (cheeks to lip) as well!

Another blush that goes from cream to powdery on application. On the cheeks it's a gorgeous coral colour, one that usually lives on my cheeks day in and day out (until recently). Unfortunately it won't be on the lips, it's quite cakey and uncomfortable. The colour is gorgeous, a lovely coral peach that's perfect for summer, but the consistency just isn't comfortable.

So although it seems to be talked about a lot, I don't think it's a winner all around the block. We have a couple of great product, but where a lot of cream blushes go to powder on application it doesn't make for great lip products! So maybe this is one trend I won't be continuing with...

Will you be partaking in the latest cheeks to lips trend?



  1. I never thought of trying the Bourjois blush on my lips, I must give it a go xx

    1. it is quite dry on the lips, but the colour is perdy! x

  2. I love the bourjois cream blushers, I wouldn't use it on my lips as they are always dry anyway but I love the colour on the cheeks. xx

    1. no i agree its not good on lips, as you say - too dry and powdery! xx


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