25 July 2013

Trends | Pink Lips

Continuing the exploration of my lip drawer this week I have decided to focus on pink lips. Bright loud pinks, to pale baby pinks. I love pink lips - any kind of pink. I don't wear pink anywhere else so I like to make the exception somewhere - and that would be my lips. Mwah!

Loving this range of lipsticks from Rimmel, it's incredibly moisturising and pigmented. This colour is a beautiful blue toned bright pink and I love it. It's very bright, long lasting and incredibly comfortable to wear. I've done a full review here so check it out, but this is definitely one of my faves.

A pale baby pink balm that sits on the lips perfectly and comfortably. It feels like a balm more than a lipstick and it lasts on the lips for a good couple of hours. It is a very pale pink so not brilliant for those with a pale complexion already, but very pretty. 

Apocalips were everywhere when they were released, and I still love them. This is one of the four shades I have and it's incredibly pinky. It's another blue toned bright pink, that is very wearable for everyday situations and incredibly long lasting and pigments.

The newest addition to my Mac lipstick collection is this gorgeous, yellow toned pink. Bright and very 80s in my opinion. Not a colour I've used before but I really like it. It's very different, long lasting and comfortable. Definitely a favourite for me, even if it is on the pricier side.

Very similar formula to the L'Oreal Caresse, but a bit more balmy and pigmented. This is more of a deep blue toned pink, less heavy than a lipstick so quite light and perfect for the summer. A gorgeous summer shade as well. Bright, but subtle enough to be everyday.

What's your favourite pink lip?


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