17 January 2013

Lily Extase

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Lily Extase £6.29

This is another lipstick I've recently found buried within my bathroom. I bought this and another called Coral Queen (to be reviewed soon!) from Asos when they were having a Rimmel sale and they really are lovely lipsticks.

It speaks for itself really, you can see how loud and proud it is and it did scare me a bit. However, it actually worked out really well. It's a gorgeously rich colour that actually works really well with my skin tone and just livens up my usual routine.

It actually feels like a really good lipstick. It feels quite soft and glides on smoothly with even coverage that lasts for a good couple of hours. The gloss fades but the colour remains which is the important bit. A really good quality lipstick I feel.

Not expensive, it's actually a really good price for what it is and I think I managed to get it in the ASOS sale for £3 which isn't too bad at all!

Overall, I am really happy with this product. It's such a good quality with a low price tag and the colour is gorgeous - definitely not one for a shy one though!

Have you tried Rimmel's Moisture Renew? Which shades do you love?

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  1. This is a gorgeous shade! Most of my lipsticks are Rimmel and I always buy different pink shades so I'll look out for this one. I don't find the moisture renew lipstick as moisturising as others but it doesn't completely dry my lips out!

    lovely blog, I'm following you now :)




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