15 January 2013

my pandora

I'm sure everybody recognises one of these - yes, it is a Pandora bracelet. Everyone seems to think it is Links versus Pandora, but I have both and I love both for very different reasons. At the moment it's my Pandora that graces my wrist more often - for the simple reason that it's more practical for work than my Links.

So here is a little history of my Pandora. My lovely friend Beth bought me the bracelet for my 22nd birthday, just over a year ago as she is bad and spoilt me rotten! Her mum popped round with a white Pandora bag (Beth lives in Cheltenham so far too far away) and I got very excited and instantly loved it.

My first charm was the blue glass murano bead with white daisies on it. My parents bought me this when they went to Vegas as a thank you for house sitting while they were away - and from my birthday this year they seem to just keep coming!

For my birthday I got the little strawberry you see on the end from my big brother and his girlfriend Hanah, the silver flowery one from the in-laws and the blue glass murano bead with ladybirds from Beth again (see, she spoils me). While Mum and I were in New York we bought the mother/daughter charm for our matching bracelets.

Then Christmas came and wham! Hello more charms! This gorgeous little owl is from the in-laws, and then a gorgeous blue topaz (birthstone) spacer and blue vine charm from my parents. Last but not least the star charm from my big brother and Hanah again. Phew! That's a lot of charms...

Each one is special. A big different for me with Pandora and Links is that people seem to save getting me Links charms for the very special occassions, and the Pandora charms because they are just gorgeous and a bit more purse friendly.

They do say that you should only have about 9 or 10 charms on your bracelet otherwise it stretches. I already have 9 on mine but I'm pretty sure it'll be fine with a few more!
I would definitely recommend giving a Pandora bracelet to someone special on a special birthday and it gives you many more presents as the years go on!

What charms do you have on yours? 

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