26 January 2013

Shop my Stash #3 Aussie Miracle Moist

Yes, I know, I've spoken about this set before (a few times) but I've never actually done a proper review on this, so I thought I would add it into my Shop my Stash series.

I first used this when I bought the travel version when I went to Dublin in September. It was love at first lather. It was a mixture of the smell, the amount of lather and just the general feeling of using it in the shower. Which I know, sounds weird, but that's how it felt.

Not only that, but it left my hair feeling really soft and really healthy. My hair hasn't been in the greatest of health since the accidental black incident, but this set made it feel happy and healthy again and it made it look like it had a new lease of life.

I would definitely recommend giving Aussie a go. They have a wide variety of ranges to suit all different hair types. My Mum uses them as well and loves them so it's definitely a brand for all types!

Have you tried Aussie? Which range is your go-to?

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