5 July 2013

Nails | Salon Pro Peppermint

These little pots of paint are all over the blogosphere lately and I'm not surprised. I bought this little pot a couple of months ago on a whim with the bestie Amber (she bullied me into it I swear). I loved the look of this colour and thought it'd be the perfect summer shade.

As with all the other blogs, it's an incredibly long lasting nail polish - such good quality for such a small price. When i think of how much you spend on a Chanel (goodbye £18) and how long they last (a day if you're lucky) and how much these are... I wonder why I have any Chanels (because they have gorgeous colours and I'm a sucker for them). But honestly these are fantastic. 

This colour is gorgeous as well, its a pale blue aquamarine type colour that just has "Lisa" written all over it. They have such a large range of colours in this range as well, I'm coveting Hip Hop and Reggae Splash.

Which of these polish's would you wear?



  1. gorgeous colour x


  2. mint nail polish! perfect for this season! it looks very opaque...

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    1. this is only a couple of coats as well so it is a lovely shade xx


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