12 April 2013

Make Up | Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation


So here is the last of my drugstore foundation tries in a while. I need to stop buying them or I will have an entire box filled with discarded foundations. Anywho, I bought this at the same time as my Revlon Nearly Naked, which you all know I did fall a little bit in love with, so when I started using this I was adament it wasn't going to top that one. Well, shows what I know.

This is a thicker foundation than the Nearly Naked and it provides slightly more coverage, so it's definitely  preferably for winter/autumn or when you just need that extra bit of coverage. It's a yellow toned foundation, so it will never be the perfect colour for my skin but this comes pretty damn close. Once it's blended in you honestly cannot tell it's a different tone, which I love.

It boasts "Fruit Therapy", which basically means it contains extracts from four different fruits to help boost your skins radiance. Firstly we have apricot for radiance, melon for hydration, apple as an anti-oxidant and ginger for energy. Now I don't know if this actually works - but what I do know is that when I use this my skin looks fresh, even and honestly I just love how it makes it look. It makes it look slightly dewy as well, which isn't usually something I like but this is so subtle it just gives it a touch of radiance.

I was a bit worried as my previous attempt with a Bourjois foundation (123 Perfect) didn't go so well - it dried my skin out and just didn't last. I didn't need to worry - there is no drying at all and it lasts all day. I wouldn't say it lasts 16hours, but it gets me through work without any touch ups so I'm not going to complain. It doesn't aggitate my oily skin, so no break outs and it smells A-M-A-ZING. The nicest spelling foundation I think I have ever tried. I blame the fruits for this. Yum.

So yeah, as much as I love the Revlon Nearly Naked, I think this literally just takes the lead. I think for cold weather months this is great. I will go back to Nearly Naked when it starts getting warmer as I think this will be a touch too heavy, but overall - we like!

Have you tried Bourjois's Healthy Mix foundation? Do you like the range?



  1. I really want to try this! x

    1. I would definitely recommend this :) a must have item for me now! x


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