4 October 2017

Budget Blendable Eye Liners from Rimmel

Once upon a time I lived in black eyeliner. I had one from Chanel that I got from the duty free and I wore it religiously. And it wasn't just on the lash line on the lids, oh no - it was all around the waterlines - top and bottom. So I resembled a panda somewhat. As my make up tastes grew I swiftly moved away from this interesting look and haven't really touched liners much since. However - I wanted to talk to you today about a range of eyeliners which have bought my love.

The Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Liners are really quite hyper, and I've had the nude colour before and really love it for using on my lower waterline to bright the eye. However, the past few weeks I've been wanting to put more colour on my lower lash line and really have more fun with my eye make up. My only issue was - using eyeshadows on my lower lash line made my eyes water. Not so fun. So I thought I'd get some from the range and see how I went.
As well as picking up a new nude shade, I went for the standard useful black (which is actually the one I've used the least) and two autumnal shades - purple and green. I'm really into using purple shades on my eyes at the moment so I was so excited to try that shade out. As I said, these have been really hyped and they're at the low price point of £3.99, so I was really intrigued. I knew the nude one was nice, but how would the darker tones fair?
So let's run through my experience with these.
These are super creamy, which I really like. There's nothing worse than a hard eye pencil that drags along the lash line and ruins the look. These just glide along the skin, like silk, and feel really lovely.  Because they're super soft, they're also super blendable. Whether you put it on naked skin, over the top of eyeshadow, along the lash line or in the outer corner, they're just very easy to blend out. Again, I love this. It makes creating a super soft smoky eye look really easy. The Eco Tools Precision Blending Brush is great for this as it has tightly packed bristles and a small head so it's really easy to smudge out the formula of the liner. Whereas other eyeshadow brushers that are more for blending don't seem to deal with the formula as well.
In terms of pigment, these are packed full of it. The black is super black, which is exactly how I like my liner, and the purple and green shades are stunning. They're warm and rich and perfect for this time of year. And the nude, well it's just incredible for brightening the lower waterline and used on the inner corner of the eye to open it up. It's been a favourite of mine for a while.
Now let's talk about staying power: I'd say they are definitely waterproof, I can have these on my lower waterline or lash line and they'll still be there by the end of the day which is great. The colour will be a little bit faded, not going to lie, but they'll be there. In terms of over the top of shadow - they seem to fade a lot quicker than on their own so I tried some different shadows out to try and figure out what they work best with, and I'd say they last longer with powder shadow then cream - and in general they seem to work better with powder as well. I found with cream shadows they didn't blend as well, they'd drag the cream eyeshadow with them in certain places and they would slide a bit more. However, on powder - beautiful. The colour does fade towards the end of the day, again, but it's still quite an impressive wear time.
Overall, I really like these. I never thought I'd write such a long post about eyeliners before but there ya go! They're creamy, blendable, pigmented and last all day. Plus - they make some beautiful autumn colours and they're only £3.99. What's there not to love?

Much love, Lisa May x

P.S. Fun fact behind these pictures... I went downstairs yesterday to get a drink and this coral pot to display the pencils in and found a dead squirrel in my kitchen and my cat keeping guard. Like a mature person I then screamed and ran up stairs... Fun times.

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  1. These are some of my most used & repurchased eyeliner. They are super creamy, pigmented and not to mention affordable.


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