27 October 2017

Beginner's Guide: Identifying your Skin Tone

It's so important to know what skin tone group you fall into. Knowing this will determine the shades you use across you face, including blush, highlight and lip shades. It'll help steer you into the right direction when looking at make up counters and trying to determine what shade of something to go for. So to help you out, I've popped together a little guide for beginner's who don't know how to identify this.

What do I mean by finding the your skin tone? Everyone has base colours in their complexion that makes up their skin colour, and these base colours will have an undertone. They will tend to point in three different directions - cool, neutral or warm.
Cool toned gals will have pink, red or blue undertones to their skin. Meaning their make up shades should follow the same rules. Warm toned gals will have yellow, gold or olive undertones to their skin. Again, meaning their make up shades should follow the same tones. And neutral girls - well you guys are just super lucky as you can get away with wearing any shade. Congrats!
But how do you know where you fall? Well, there's a few simple questions you can ask yourself, and just to give you an idea of how to use this, I've put my answers in each section as well.
Are you more likely to burn, or tan, in the sun?
Put simply, if you burn you're cool toned, and if you tan (super jealous of your right now), then you're on the warm side. If you're like me and do both, then you're likely to be neutral toned.
Where do I fall? Neutral
Have you been colour matched at a make up counter? If so, what undertone did you get?
Usually when you get matched, especially with a higher end brand, the colour they choose for you will give you a really good indication. Whenever I get matched, I also steer towards a pink tone, meaning I'm more cool toned. If you have a yellow tone, then you're warm toned. There are neutral shades as well, but the best thing to do is ask them when they match you what tone they've gone for.
Where do I fall: Cool
What colour are you veins?
Sorry to all those that hate veins. And this may seem like a really weird question - but if your veins look blue, welcome to the cool toned gang. If they appear to be a little more on the green side of things, then move on over to the warm toned gang. If you can't tell - hello neutrals!
Where do I fall: Cool
Does silver or gold jewellery suit you better?
I feel like everyone has a preference here. Silver or gold, white gold or yellow gold. This also says a lot about your skin tone. If you feel silver, or white gold, jewellery suits you better you're cool toned. If you find gold (yellow gold) floats your boat, then you're warm toned. If you're quite happy with both, then you're in the neutral camp.
Where do I fall: Neutral
As you can see, I'm a bit of a mix. If you are neutral toned it's still possible for you to fall on either side, and for me I'm a neutal/cool toned mix. This is definitely reflected in my make up collection. Blue and mauve toned lip shades generally suit me a lot better than yellow or orange tones (typical of cool tones). But I can get away with very subtle pink and gold highlights - pink tones usually suit cool and gold warm. In summer especially I can get away with more warm toned shades than in the winter, and in Winter or the colder months, I'm much more about the cool tones. So yeah - I'm definitely a mix.
I'd love to know if this post was helpful for you - let me know if it is! I'm going to be doing some more posts around lip shades for skin tones and so on, so let me know if there's something specific you'd like me to do on here!
Much love, Lisa May x

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