6 October 2017

Home Accessory Wishlist

It's been a little while since I've done a home post on here, and it's not because I haven't updated anything on the home. Because I have, we decorated two rooms and everything. However, they're not 100% finished so I didn't want to do my before and after yet. And the rest of the house I'm just not ready to shout about yet. What I wanted to do however was put together a little home accessory wishlist, because I'm continually coveting pieces so I need a list of sorts to remember them. But also - my birthday is approaching.
Nudge nudge, wink wink.
So what's caught my eye?
I'm a little bit in love with 90% of the vases available from Oliver Bonas, however they do some beautiful blue toned ones that would be perfect in my newly decorated lounge/dining room. I've been eyeing up this tall vase for a few months now, but this small round glass one is a beauty as well. For our bedroom I love this crackled grey piece from Next, it's so pretty and feels very classy and grown up. Another piece I'm really into is this cute little planter from UO, it's so simple and would go anywhere.
I seem to be on a mission to fill my house with photos at the moment, which I love - not sure about Adam. This also means I'm obsessed with photo frames. Again, Oliver Bonas is on point. This 5x7 blue strip, and the 4x6 blue strip would look perfect in my dining room. But I'm also completely in love with this round yellow frame, that would definitely fit with my office theme.
You can't beat a nice candle holder, or even a pretty diffuser. I love these new ones from Oliver Bonas, especially the blue one - would match the vase above perfectly I think! As a candle on it's own, this Jar from Anthropologie is Christmas in a jar, I got it last year and fell in love.
There's also a few random pieces I've been loving. One piece I have been coveting for quite some time is this beaut cat mug from Antropologie. I can't decide if I like the blue or pink one more, but it's so cute. This navy dish is gorgeous as well, I don't actually know where I'd put it right now - probably the dining room as it's blue, but I just want it in my life. I also really like this toothbrush mug from H&M, not for my toothbrush, but for things like make up brushers, or lip liners. I wish they did more colours so I could have a mix in my bathroom but I do love this. Along the same vein I love this marble version from UO, and also really boring - this cotton pad holder.
Now we have a bigger house, and an extra room downstairs, I feel like I have more to decorate for Christmas now. And I have my eye on so many decorations. I've tried to narrow it down here, but Next is killing it this year. This reindeer candle is so adorable, and this set of 3 is just too much cuteness. I also really like this light up house, I think it would look so nice on top of the fireplace or on the side board.
That's just some pieces I've been coveting lately - there is probably many more that I've forgotten about while I write this. Hope you enjoyed! Let me know what home pieces you're coveting at the moment!
Much love, Lisa May x

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