23 October 2017

Beauty Wishlist

Let's throw another wish list into the mix shall we! A couple weeks ago I pulled together a homeware wish list full of cute little accessories that I'd love to somehow acquire, but today it's all about my most coveted beauty products.
I've tried to focus on products that would make lovely gifts, mainly because I know Christmas is just a few weeks away now and that way it could work a nice little inspiration post if you're stuck on what to get people for Christmas if you're a little bit stuck. Speaking of stuck, let's get stuck in!
I love the concept of these, and I've had a couple before that I've really enjoyed. I think they're a great idea and also a great way to get into a brand and test some products before you would maybe go out and purchase full sizes. There are super high priced ones out there, but for me I like the more budget friendly ones. I love the look of the Soap and Glory It's a Calendar, Girls! Mixed with skincare and beauty I think it's a great gift for any beauty fans, and I'm slightly obsessed with Tanya Burr's 12 Sweet Days one - she did one last year that I didn't purchase, but I love the look of this years and some of the products in there look gorgeous. I may have already bought myself this one...  And there's Benefit's Winter Wonderglam, which is exclusive to Debenhams. Full of minis of fab products and a great way to try the quality of higher priced make up.
I've become somewhat obsessed with make up palettes, in particular eyeshadow and highlighter versions. I've been playing around with eye looks more so I basically want to try everything. In particular there's three I really want to play around with. The Nars NARSissit Loaded palette looks stunning - the shades just call out to me, especially right now, and from what I've read the formula of these is fantastic. I've never actually tried anything from Too Faced (don't shoot me!), but I've always loved the look of their eyeshadow palettes. I would love to try the infamous Sweet Peach palette, or the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette - both stunning with colours I'd be reaching for continually. Third, I'm a bit obsessed with Mac's Burgandy Palette - the shades in here are beautiful, the quality of Mac eyeshadows are generally really high, and this is just such a winter beauty for me.
And then for highlighting palettes, really the one I've been dreaming about is the Hourglass Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette, I mean it's just gorgeous. Pricy - yes, but absolutely beautiful.
I feel like it's just one of those must give products - if you don't get a new scent for birthday/Christmas - did it even happen? I have a couple I've scented and am obsessed with. On the budget friendly side, I'm in love with Zoella's new Snowella fragrance. I sprayed this at the weekend and it was just so fresh, so light and I feel hard. Luckily husband was with me so I dropped a few hints, let's hope he picked up on them. I mean I can always buy it for myself, but ya know. Let's wait for the birthday to pass. And then more on the high, high end side of things, I am coveting the new Jo Malone English Oak and Redcurrent scent. I'd love the candle as well, but this is such a gorgeous wintery fragrance. Most of mine are quite light and floral, or zesty, so this would be a welcome addition.
So there you have it! I have deliberately not included lip products in here because I feel I could fill an entire posts with that - and I may at some point. But for now, I thought I'd narrow it down to pieces I wish for on a daily basis.
Much love, Lisa May x     

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