20 October 2017

The Lip Series: Rimmel Does Dupes

Is it just me that gets super excited whenever the word "dupe" is thrown around? As much as I love beauty products, it really does pain me when I spend the same amount of money on one product when I could get maybe five or six. Therefore, as the next post as part of my "Lip Series" I thought I'd share a couple of my favourite lipstick dupes.

Now, as you saw in my last post you really don't need to spend out on lip products to get some great quality products. But as a lipstick addict I of course like to spend any type of pennies when I find a shade I like. I'm building up to a video full of lipstick dupes, however, I've found a couple recently from Rimmel that I just had to share.

Rimmel generally does some of the best drugstore lip products so I'm not surprised they have some great dupes for high end products, in particular two favourites of mine for Autumn. Now - quick disclaimer here - these are not exact dupes. However, they're pretty close and if you can't afford the higher priced products, these Rimmel beauties are a great alternative.

MAC Syrup vs Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick in It's a Keeper
A more recent pick of mine, Mac Syrup is the perfect everyday autumn lip shade. It has a lustre finish so it's sheer, with a beautiful him of plum to it. It's just enough to give some colour but not too much that it's a full on colour. It's not the longest lasting, as it's sheer, but it's an easy top up shade. It's definitely a much loved shade and very hyped in the blogosphere. However, at £16.50 it's not always in everyone's reach. It's not the highest priced out there, but still a little pricey for some. Enter Rimmel. The Only 1 range is gorgeous and has a similar finish, slightly sheer with some pigment to it. In particular It's a Keeper is a great dupe for Syrup. It has the similar plum pink tone and finish, that matches perfectly. The one tiny difference is the level of pigmentation. The Rimmel alternative has a touch more pigment to it than the MAC offering, but otherwise it's pretty much the same lipstick. Same feel, same formula, same tone and staying power. Big tick from me!

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Raffinee vs Rimmel The Only 1 Matte in High Flyer
A shade I picked up last Autumn that I wore regliously was La Raffinee, a pick from Chanel's Rouge Allure Velvet range. It's a beautiful shade, a grey toned mauve nude, slightly dark but super wearable. It's quite unique and utterly gorgeous. The finish of it is the best matte finish as well, not overly matte and definitely more velvet as the name suggests. It's a soft matte which is very flattering and not drying in the slightest. Now Chanel lipsticks are definitely on the pricier side hitting £28 per product, which is a little insane. But, they're super luxe and good quality. Obviously not everyone can justify the price - I can't 90% of the time - but there's light at the end of the tunnel. Rimmel's The Only 1 Matte range has a lovely soft matte finish to it, and High Flyer is a great match in terms of colour. It's a touch more brown toned, but it's incredibly close. The colours match, and finish is very similar, as is the longevity.  It's a great, purse friendly, alternative to my favourite Chanel lipstick.

I'm on a mission to find dupes for all of my Mac lipsticks, so keep an eye out for this post and some point in the future. But let me know if there's any other high end products you'd like a dupe for!

Much love, Lisa May x

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