6 June 2012

Clynol Grip Spray

Immediate PR are running a 'hair-raising' competition with Clynol for bloggers to produce funky hair styles with Clynol's Grip Spray for tickets to Thorpe Park.
I am one of the lucky ones that was given the opportunity to take part so here is my entry...

So this is quite a different look for me... Those who know me know that I
a) hate having my hair up, and
b) hate having hair out of my face as I think I look like a round squishy ball

However, I am loving this - it's quite rock and roll. My friend Amber did it for me using Clynol and we have both fallen in love with it. 
First she backcombed the top of my hair to give it some UMPH, all the time spray my hair with Clynol, which I must say smells SO good - Amber put it like this "I prefer the smell of the spray I use as the one I use smells like old grannies"... 
She then left a section of my hair at the front down, and then pulled the rest into a high pony. Then pulled my front section into a quiff with a bit of a twist. Then spray spray spray.

We have both fallen in love with this product. It's not sticky, it smells amazing, it doesn't dry like straw and it is so easy to comb through and out as well. It holds really well, which I need for my hair. Would definitely recommend this product.

*update* You can buy Clynol Products from http://www.hairsupermarket.com/ :)
Now is the important part of the review... What did Arthur think?
Well, it got his seal of approval :)



  1. Good job that style really suits you!
    I love Clynol they have the most amazing hair care for styling! I think Hairtrade is the cheapest place you can get it at the moment :) x

  2. I really like the twist at the front... looks very French Twist-esque but with added wildness from the high pony tail. Looks great! x


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