7 June 2012

Arthur's Antics #2

So Arthur has had a bit of manic week... and by manic I mean he has started to be disciplined! He is a bit bitey... Well, I say a bit - he is very bitey. Playing isn't playing unless it involves human flesh so we've started to try and stop this...

Mum ended up buying "7 Steps to the Perfect Puppy" which we are trying to implement - would be useful is Arthur could read it as well but there you go. I came home Friday to Mum telling me not to pick him up if he jumps up, and when I do pick him up if he bites to put his straight back down - so I did all this and he threw a major puppy strop. Opps.

Also this week, my older brother has finally met Arthur :) he lives in Cardiff with his border collie Willow who featured in last weeks AA and is gorgeous. It was great to have him finally meet Si! And they got on like a house of fire... Think puppy misses him already bless.

So here is a small account of what he did this week...

1. being pulled along by the boy with back legs spread 2. this kitchen floor is very cool 3. trapped between the boys legs
4. mischief in the garden 5. we do wonder if he can actually see with his curly locks 6. legs spread
7. eating present from the boys parents 8. i found a big stick 9. floozy showing off his belly

He also had a bath this week which I didn't manage to get a good picture of - there was a lot of whimpering and then went a little bit mad and made a "dirty protest" on the kitchen floor afterwards... Not a happy pup!

So that's Arthur for this week :) we should be taking him on his first walk within the next couple of weeks eek! Very exciting and scary at the same time! Stay tuned :)

Love Lisa & Arthur


  1. Aww I loved having a puppy! They are so much fun, even with all the mess and biting. Has he started chewing up bits of furniture/make up yet? When my eldest dog Pepe was a puppy he chewed up a whole bottle of my clinique foundation ALL OVER my sheepskin rug! Double whammy. Luckily he has long since outgrown that and is now a well behaved doggy-citizen.

    1. Haha o god! He hasn't discovered make up yet (thank god!) so not had that trouble hehe! x

  2. Aww he's such a doll! I guess he's being bitey cause he's teething.
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    1. he isn't even teething yet! eek! it's just him being a puppy :) x

  3. So cute! I'm so tempted to get a puppy...

    1. haha he is adorable :) but such hard work... ! x


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