15 June 2012

Summer Paisley

You know those dresses that you try on just to keep a friend company in the changing rooms and don't expect to love it? Well this is one of those dresses. I have this thing where I try something n in the changing room, hoping it to be horrible as I shouldn't really buy it, and then all anyone can here is me going "o crap..." because I love it. This was one of those 'o crap' moments.


Now, I was a good girl and I didn't buy this dress straight away, I bought my lovely cream dress (here) instead as I thought it was more practical. But it was one of those items you just can't stop thinking about and it just keeps niggling away at your brain going "you know you need me... you know you want me...".
Then I saw another blogger wearing it and I just thought "o screw it" and accidentely ordered it online. Opps.
I just love the colours in this dress, they are so bright and I love the pattern. I think it's very unlike anything else I have as well which makes a nice change for me! Am beginning to expand my horizons a bit which is good...! They have another dress with the same print that is currently in the H&M sale at the moment (here) as well which I'm so tempted to buy, but I think two dresses in the same pattern is slightly excessive... Even for me! The belt comes with the dress as well so definite value for money I think!

The bangles I have actually had forever, I only remember they came from Accessorize because the blocky one was my first EVER buy from there - see, told you I had them forever!
This necklace is a newbie for me. It's from raspberrygrape (think I may be getting slightly addicted to this site) and is a lovely rusty colour. If I'm honest I bought it thinking it would be a long necklace, however I love that it's a short one. I always wear my Tiffany's butterfly (I'm sure you've noticed) so it was a nice change to swap it for something with a bit of colour.

I think this look is going to become a bit of a staple for me for work over the summer (if we ever get one) as it's really light to wear and it's long enough to get away with wearing without tights for work as well.

What's been your latest 'o crap' moment? Do you have a work wardrobe staple yet?

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  1. you look lovely, that necklace is gorgeous! rasberrygrape do reallyyy beautiful stuff! x

  2. Such a pretty dress. I absolutely love the print - remember seeing it in store and not being sure if it would suit me so I left it - seeing how fab you look though, I really wish I hadn't!

    Gorgeous blog! :) <3



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