25 June 2013

Summer Care | Swimsuit Styles

For years the main swimwear trend has been bikini, bikini, bikini; but recently this trend has been slowly changing. Swimsuits have been slowly creeping back into brands and onto the beach, high waist bottoms are suddenly trendy again. For me the big turn came in Series 1 of Gossip Girl when Serena, aka Blake Lively, wore a one piece and out-styled every other girl in the scene. She remained sexy and stylish, without showing her middle. And it seems the rest of the world is now following suit. The Daily Mail states that 53% will be wearing one piece cossies this year, with only 18% steering towards the once popular bikini.

FemaleFirst believes that the main reason for this seems to be that swimsuits tend to be more flattering for certain body shapes. I know personally my stomach isn't as toned as it once was - so flashing that flesh is always a bit of a headache for me. Hello anxiety! Therefore a swimsuit would be perfect - as well as high waist bottoms. So what's the benefit for each style? 

1 | Swimsuit
This gorgeous bandeau swimsuit from Panache swim collection is incredibly flattering for those with bigger busts as well as a not so flat tummy. The patterned top makes the bust look smaller, and the bright suit hides a belly you may not want to show. It's a very flattering shape, and I love the pattern and design.

2 | High Waist Briefs
There are perfect for curvy or pear shaded girls. Black is always slimming, no matter what size you are so if, like me, you're a little bottom heavy, this is the perfect style. It hides a multitude of bottom sins, as well as covering a not so flat stomach. These bottoms are from the Freya collection - a stunning collection that fits B to J cup. So as well as the briefs you get a stunning top to go with that fits most sizes.

3 | Bikini Top
First of all let's just drool over this gorgeous pattern. Drool. Done. Good. Now, this particular style from the Seafolly collection is perfect for those with a small bust or with a sporty, athletic figure as it creates the illusion of curves.

I found all of these stypes on Figleaves.com, who by the way are having a summer sale, a whole 50% off!!! So, it you want to top up on some new style, then this might be your chance, especially if you're going away for the summer. They have some gorgeous collections and items so I would definitel recommend taking a peek.
What style will you be rocking this summer? Are you swimsuit or bikini girl?

*This post is written in association with Figleaves

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