6 June 2013

Make Up | Primping with the Stars


When I went to an event held by Benefit last week I was lucky enough to win one of their new bestseller sets, "Primping with the Stars". We had a choice of the three and one of the reasons I chose this one was for Stay Don't Stray - I've been after sometime to combat my eyeliner transfering to the top of my lid and I'd heard this was the thing for it, so I was very excited to give it a go.
Within this set you get six of their best selling products ideal for creating a flawless finish.

Stay Don't Stray
This is an eye/concealer primer which you use on your lids for liner and shadow, and undereye for concealer. I've actually found this is really nice as an undereye concealer itself, it's quite a nice irridescent colour to pop underneath to brighten, but does also keep your eyes looking bright when concealer is applied as well. As an eyeliner primer it's amazing. I've been waiting for something like this for ages and I'm so glad - it keeps my eyeliner in place and doesn't transfer. When this is used up I will definitely be repurchasing and popping a full review on.

Some Kinda Gorgeous Foundation in Medium
I've not actuallly used this one too much as it's a bit too dark for me, so if I'm honest I can't really comment. Trying it out though it's very creamy and light and seems to give a nice natural coverage.

OMG why have I not tried this before? Again, definitely something I will be purchasing when it runs out. It's Benefit's first ever product and is a cheek and lip tint. I've been using this as a blusher, I pop three dashes on the apple of my cheek and blend in circles around the apple quickly to create an even coverage and not huge stains. It lasts for hours and gives a gorgeous tint to the cheeks. Probably my favourite item from this set.

I have done a full review on this before which you can see here so I won't say too much, but since using it this time it's really grown on me and I have no idea how I have used anything else. It's the perfect primer for oily skin and holds on my make up for hours. I've been pairing this with their new Stay Flawless primer and the two work perfectly together.

Girl Meets Pearl
This is a creamy pinkish highlighter, I think. I use it as a highlighter anyway. It's a really soft cream that I use across my cheek bones up to the end of my brow and creates a really nice glow. It comes out quite pink, but once applied goes a gorgeous pearl colour and goes really nicely with Benetint.

They're Real
Again, I've already done a full review which you can see here. But I'm so happy this was in the set as I've really missed having this mascara in my life as it is a beaut.

Overall I'm a little blown away by this set. I've been using nearly the whole thing everyday since I purchased it, and am dreading the day I run out of most of these products. I would highly recommend nabbing one of their sets if you want to just try some of their products out as they are perfect for that. However, warning: you will love them and you will have to repurchase the full size. You've been warned!

Which of these is your favourite product?

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